YouTube Rolls Affirmative Action Measures to Help Keep Dying Mainstream Media News Networks Relevant

by Chris Black

Google owned YouTube has just decided to give a helping hand to the dying mainstream media by engaging in nothing short of affirmative action. How come, you asked? Well, the so called authoritative “fake news” TV networks like CNN and MSNBC are seeing a major drop in ratings since they’ve declared war on Trump, common sense, truth and the silent majority. CNN alone lost 30% of its prime time ratings in the last year, i.e. the situation is desperate. Also, the median age of a typical cable-news “customer” (viewer) is 60 or more. Basically, mainstream media’s ratings are in free fall due to their own making, as they’ve dropped the last ounce of journalistic integrity while engaging in yellow journalism 24/7,all of them except from Fox News. But, more importantly, their viewership is literally dying off of old age. Nature is cruel.

The internet changed everything, and played a major part in Donald Trump getting elected POTUS in 2016. And by internet, I mean mostly YouTube, via independent journalists, opinion makers and content creators like Stefan Molyneaux, Styxhexenhammer666, Mark Dice, Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars etc, together with unsung-heroes-meme-creators, bloggers , the MAGA crowd on boards  like 4chan /pol and TheDonald on Reddit, all contributed significantly and helped with changing history 2 years ago. Okay, and there were those Russian bastards on social media, the Macedonian troll farms, the Twitter bots and all that stupid crap pedaled by Hillary and the unhinged left.

Enter YouTube’s affirmative action move, which seeks to promote/elevate (via free ads and millions of dollars) what they describe as “authoritative news”/valuable journalism on their platform .In not so politically correct terms, “authoritative news” means CNN, Snopes, Rachel Maddow∁ remember, we’re talking about far left-wing corporate behemoths like Google and YouTube here. For the left’s “authoritative news sources”, anyone left of Bernie Sanders is a Nazi and literally Hitler. Basically, leftist organizations (Google/YouTube) will be saying that CNN, NYTimes, Wapo, and MSNBC (who are all far left organizations) are AUTHORITATIVE news.

How can Wired report this with a straight face? We all know about which bloggers/content creators are getting blacklisted. The “authoritative” news sources these snakes will promote reported there was no famine in Stalin’s Ukraine, praised Fidel Castro overthrow of Batista, reported LBJ’s use of the Gulf of Tonkin incident as real news, and still report Syria as if they don’t know it was US-backed ISIS and their jihadist allies who had chemical weapons stockpiles (just a few examples). That’s not even mentioning the lies and deceit they propagated in 2016.


According to YouTube’s luminaries, the goal is to identify and promote the videos created by “authoritative news sources” (corporate mainstream media that is, or fake news on steroids) and bring them to the top of YouTube users’ news feeds, basically force-feeding you with “good-think” and “the current truth”. You know, Hillary has 98% chances of winning, Saddam Hussein killed the children in the incubators, there are WMD in Iraq, artificial sweeteners are safe for your health and Anne Nicole Smith married for love, all brought to you by CNN, MSNCB, Fox News, ABC etc.

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How is this fair (YouTube promoting MSM crap) for independent journalists and content creators, which are the backbone of YouTube? Those folks created the platform, not ABC/USA Today or CNN. Now YT will promote the very news sources that we are fleeing from in droves. It will not work and nothing can save the CNNs and MSNBCs of the world. They’ve already done way too much damage to themselves to ever be taken seriously again.

YouTube has no idea who their audience is. And Google is slowly killing it. YT really is (or used to be before Google took over) the modern day library of Alexandria. Unfortunately Google is slowly burning it to the ground through censorship efforts.  Google has been working with China for years on pushing communist propaganda and killing dissent, I can’t imagine they’ll be anything but impartial with us, right?

There’s no such thing as centrist news, there never has been. Previously, all papers would identify which side they were on, or what interest group they associated with. Now they do not, but the associations have not changed. Claiming that only one selection of sources is somehow “the real news” smacks of communism. Finally we have a Ministry of Truth. Now we just need to eliminate the Wayback Machine and we’ve gone full 1984. Google wants to control what you see and socially engineer you to think the way they want you to think. There’s entirely too much thinking on your own going on out there. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, listening to un-“authoritative” news sources.

YouTube’s censorship of conservatives and conservative points of view ends with filtering “news”, so that only alt-Left Democrat propaganda is allowed to be viewed by people who have become subjects rather than free citizens. Any ideology that must artificially construct a milieu where opposing points of view must be censored is utterly worthless and has admitted that it cannot compete—much less prevail—in a full, free, and fair exchange of ideas in the public square.

Here’s the bottom line: let people read what they want to read, and let THEM DECIDE WHETHER IT IS TRUE OR NOT!!

What a revolutionary concept!


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