Zelensky Orders NATO to Pay $5 Billion a Month to Cover Costs of Pretending There’s a Chance to Win

by Chris Black

Yeah, I mean, this useless and pointless war must be fought to the last Ukrainian and paid for by the US/European taxpayer. 


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has urged the US-led NATO bloc to ramp up support of his country amid the ongoing conflict with Russia, claiming that Kiev’s defeat would result in a “delayed” war between Moscow and the whole West. Zelensky made the remarks as he addressed the NATO summit in Madrid via a video link on Wednesday.

It’s either urgent aid to Ukraine sufficient for victory, or a delayed war between Russia and you,” Zelensky told NATO leaders.

The country needs both direct military and financial aid, Zelensky stated, adding that some $5 billion a month was needed to cover its budget deficit. Top Ukrainian officials have repeatedly called upon the West to provide financial support.

“Financial aid for Ukraine has no less significance than arms deliveries,” Zelensky said. “We need some $5 billon every month, you know that. And this is a fundamental thing, needed for defense and protection.”


That’s a lot of money for cocaine.

As per the latest figures from the Biden Admin, the US has gathered a coalition of 50+ countries to donate new weapons to Ukraine. The US will contribute another $800 million in military aid.

According to Biden, aid to Ukraine has already included:

– 600 tanks

– 500 artillery systems 

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– 600 000 shells

– 140 000 anti-tank weapons

The US is also establishing a permanent base in Poland.

Diplomacy? Forget about it. That’s for the rubes. 

At this point, Brandon might as well bring Ukraine into NATO. 

We’re no longer “poking” the bear – we’re giving him a prostate check and if we don’t stop this madness, he’s going to let loose some nukes.

The US has an army which exists to grift the taxpayer, the EU has a paper army to grift the taxpayer, and everything is fine on the MSM & budget until there is a war and it’s discovered that paper soldiers are as good as the Afghanistan national army, which is why the existence or lack thereof was not a concern because everyone else was doing it.

If you ask me, that base in Poland will be turned into a self-illuminated glass parking lot minutes after the outbreak of WW3. 

So will every other base on NATO’s “eastern flank.” The “NATOization of Europe” along with the endless provocations by the warmongering (((neocons))) controlling Biden will result in the VAPORization of Europe.

And it won’t stop there.

 A full scale nuclear war is just over the horizon. No one is trying to stop it and the (((neocon)))’s psychotic hatred of Russia has no limit. 

It’s going to happen. Buckle up.


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