Why are President Biden and the G-7 Pushing the West Ever Closer to a “Nightmare Scenario” of Energy Shortages and Recession?

by Chris Black

I’ll take “Planned Collapse” for $100, Chris.

“He would likely withhold oil from the market in the same way he has been withholding natural gas from Europe, driving up prices.”

Fact check: False.

In fact, Vladimir Putin has been fulfilling all obligations. The only reason, as in the one and only reason, why gas flows are diminished, is that Canada (and Germany [Siemens], too, apparently) refuse to return to Russia the equipment needed to maintain gas flows because of “muh sanctions”.

Even I know this.

And I don’t get taxpayer funded briefings every morning by the best and the brightest.

Remember: ALL wars are banker’s wars. 

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Let’s not kid ourselves that the government represents anyone else.

Western leaders value their people so much they’re willing to starve them, destroy their property rights, their businesses, their economies, and their families. 

 This is what happens when you allow social rejects that hate themselves and the world to be used as political poster children / pawns.  

Multiculturalism, environmentalism, globalism, feminism, LGBTQ  and whatever modern “values” are nothing but death and destruction for our societies, wittingly or not.

  It’s time to be honest about this.

 Barking at Putin when you know damn well you have no leverage over Russia is using the masses as collateral against their will.  

If this is (((their) idea of democracy (cue Ezra Pound quote about democracy), I can’t wait to see the authoritarian nightmare they are jizzing themselves over.  



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