Zelensky Refuses Peace Talks, Says Fight Must Go On

by Chris Black

Remember that border skirmish in Russia?

The US is trying to relieve pressure from Europe, and the Ukraine is just doing what the US told them to do. Zelensky is a puppet of the US State Department, and is not going to publicly disagree with them unless he’s told to.

Even if you thought he was an independent actor (pun intended), the Ukraine cannot last 12 hours without US support.

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Everything about this fake war is a stage-managed drama designed for the media.


Ukraine doubled down on its tough stance on negotiations with Russia on Tuesday, saying talks could only resume once the Kremlin relinquishes all Ukrainian territory and that Kyiv would fight on even if it is “stabbed in the back” by its allies.

The remarks come days after a U.S. media report that Washington had encouraged Kyiv to signal willingness for talks, and seemed aimed at rebuffing such pressure, at a time when U.S. mid-term elections could test Western support for Ukraine.



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