Zelensky Says He’s Ready to Hold “Public Format” Negotiations with Russia

by Chris Black

Yeah, I doubt it.

Fun fact: there is actually a law in the Ukraine that says talks with Russia are illegal.

The Ukraine is such a lawless place that Zelensky is breaking his own laws he just made up a few weeks ago.

It would be shocking if these talks happened and resulted in anything at all. It’s much more likely just a show for the Europeans, who are getting sick of this bizarre and expensive spectacle.

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has acknowledged that Kiev’s foreign backers have been speaking to him about the possibility of peace talks with Moscow.

“I had received signals from state leaders, who said: ‘We think [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wants direct negotiations.’ And I said: ‘We will offer a public format [for the talks] because Russia is waging a public war against Ukraine,’” Zelensky told journalists on Wednesday.

I’m ready to recommend such a format. I’ll discuss with my colleagues how to do it,” he said, adding that he does not want to have any “backstage contact” with Russia.



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