Zelensky the Liar – He Will Be Remembered by History like Hitler

by Martin Armstrong


At 8:18AM Zelensky on a video call to G20 leaders told them that Russia was a “terrorist state” among them and that the attack was deliberate by Russia and that the missiles were a “true statement brought by Russia for the G20 summit.”

It is now confirmed that the missiles were fired by Ukraine. To pretend it was not another “Ukrainian False Flag” they claimed the missiles were fired at a Russian missile and were not intentional. Forget saving the planet for climate change which is also a natural occurrence, the ONLY way to save the planet is to get rid of every Neocon and politician supporting this ruthless liar and remove them from office. Any politicians who supports Ukraine should be charged with conspiracy to create war crimes.

I agree with Henry Kissinger that Ukraine must relinquish the Donbas. Zelensky tears into Kissinger and pretends Russia wants to invade Europe and this is not 1939. I have had employees in Kyiv and Donestk. I am well aware of how deeply seated the hatred of Russians is embedded in Kyiv. You cannot even bring a bottle of Russian vodka to dinner. Anything Russian is an insult and deeply offends them. You have never seen such prejudice and hatred until you deal with Ukrainians. There is ABSOLUTELY nothing that Zelensky will not say to desperately engulf the entire world in his hatred of Russia.

There is NOTHING that Zelensky will ever say that should be taken as fact. The West ignored how as soon as the 2014 Revolution took place, they began their civil war against the Donbas and they began killing Russian civilians on the street of Odesa. NOBODY in the West has EVER even talked about the war crimes of Ukrainians.

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I know of two French soldiers who went to Ukraine to fight for freedom and say nothing about war crimes with Ukrainians murdering and torturing Russian soldiers they captured. How about crucifying Russian soldiers and then burning them alive? That is not a war crime?

There is no solution. As long as the West keeps up this proxy war against Russia, there will be World War III and you will find a lot more countries coming to Russia’s side. Throughout the region, even in Macedonia, the people favor Russia because they know what I know about Ukraine and the seething hatred. In Serbia the same. The neighbors of Ukraine know them very well. I have warned, there is a very dark side to Ukraine.

Zelensky has supported the Ukrainian Nazis who have even bragged that they feed the bones of Russian-speaking children to their pet wolves. He could have easily resolved this entire crisis by releasing the very people Zelensky hates so much. He knows what he is doing by constantly trying to get NATO to enter Ukraine which will be World War III which he said has already started. He will go down in history as someone up there with Adolf Hitler when the dust settles. He wants all our children to die for his personal hatred. Pushing Russia against the wall will only lead to Nuclear War. He has divided the entire world and it seems he is following orders. He cannot be this reckless.

Zelensky’s lies will catch up to him and his reign of terror will most likely end by 2025, but he will probably take all of Ukraine with him. We should be mindful that this all goes crazy next year. His lies to create World War III will in the end destroy Ukraine.


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