Zelensky was bank-rolled by Kolomoisky. Together they have siphoned off billions of dollars from the Ukraine economy and into their own pockets.


by MAGA1775

Its a honeypot for Zelensky, his owner Kolomoisky, and corrupt western politicians (and their children) who all siphon money from it. Amazing how many US politicians have children with “no show” million dollar gigs in Ukraine.

Zelensky himself has over $1 billion in offshore accounts, according to the Pandora Papers (a very reputable source which unmasks hidden owners of offshore companies and accounts).

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No wonder Ukraine continues to be the poorest country in Europe with so many actors siphoning money out of it. And this is the regime that our government praises and says we must defend.


Source: archive.ph/cdIf8

Its a long article, but a good read.


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