Zero Covid Means Carbon Zero

By Chris Black

As many already suspect, covid is a transition phase to the genocidal climate-change agenda. The purpose of lockdowns is to not only transfer wealth from the middle class to the one percent of the one percent, and destroy small businesses and the financial independence of all people, but also to lower CO2 levels globally.

The climate change scam wasn’t succeeding and therefore needed some assistance from an entirely different scam. Thus the covid-19 plandemic was used as a catalyst to further the global technocracy of the green agenda and all of the communist ideas that underpin it.

Humanity is being institutionalized right now, being made to accept significant restrictions on personal freedom, and as all of this goes on, the more difficult will be to rehabilitate humanity.

Atomization, isolation, loneliness, poverty, a loss of autonomy, a loss of hope, meaning, purpose, love, happiness, being made entirely dependent on the state for everything, the question is: are people already housebroken? Or, is there still time to break the cycle of oppression?

Agenda 21 aims to use climate change as an excuse to limit all human movement and activity, and to create a “green economy” that controls every aspect of our lives, from removing meat from our diet  and replacing it with unhealthy lab-grown slop, insects and GMOs, to eventually removing people’s ability to own cars, personal private property, or travel internationally.

Zero covid and lockdowns are about conditioning the public into having much lower expectations of life, and preparing them for the neo-feudal existence of the green agenda. 

Study Finds:

The 2008 recession was a tough time for millions. While many consider that economic meltdown to be the worst crash since the Great Depression, COVID-19 seems to be re-writing all the books when it comes to global disasters. With economies all over the world shut down, a survey finds most American adults see the current financial crisis as worse than the “great recession.”

More than half of the 2,000 adults between 40 and 65 years-old, making over $100,000 a year, see the impact of COVID-19 as more damaging than the crisis 13 years ago.

The US economy and especially the stock market are kept afloat by the FED injecting trillions of new dollars into the economy.

 Needless to say, when SHTF, this is going to be the worst economic crisis in human history, and even if the stock market might actually keep going due to the enormous amounts of money being printed, and all of it ending up in the stock market in order to lessen inflation, that still means you’ll have no money, and, what’s worst, no means  to make money, as all the industry has been gutted by government restrictions.

After the “Great Reset”, you’ll end up living in high rise China-style tenement buildings, government housing respectively, and you’ll pay for your basic needs via UBI, as in you’ll need government handouts to eat. 

What will you eat? Plastic bags with soy sup, corn syrup, trans fats and insect protein.

If you didn’t want to live in a government apartment the size of a parking space and eat government bug soup, well then, I guess you should have worked harder and become a billionaire.


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