Zero Hedge: “there is a full blown assault against this website”

(by Half Dollar) The Internet Censorship certainly is real.

I mean, nobody wants to give us the time of day because we’re supposedly some fringe website (PropOrNot credentials here) for a rag-tag group of Russian Propagandists, tin-foil hat wearin’ conspiracy theorists, wannabe traders, CIA shills, and don’t get me started on what else we’ve been called.

And we’ve been subject to fierce shadow banning, demonetization, outright disruption of service, content burying, fake disclaimer embedding and more!

No wonder I barely use Big Tech social media.

Regardless, Zero Hedge is apparently feeling the full brunt of the Internet Censors.

Please excuse my ignorance if I haven’t been on this story like a hawk.

I lost a lot of respect for Zero Hedge when it was obvious they went full Trump 2020, and it’s really very sad their newfound agenda seems to be pushing Cold War 2.0, the US Police State, the nationalization of everything, and Regime Change, especially in Venezuela and Iran, but that doesn’t mean that for whatever reason, when you rub somebody the wrong way, well, let’s just say they’re gonna come ’round and try to get you to pay.

I know.

In any case, somebody has something against ZH right now.

Some months ago, Zero Hedge was banned from Twitter, and most recently, Zero Hedge’s ad revenue became the target of Google.

Today, ZH has an update on the situtation:

Here’s what’s going on.

We can do what the Federalist did, and pull the entire comment section to stay alive, or we can implement a filter to comments which avoids triggering a limited number of keywords that started this whole fiasco (one can figure out the context there) and get reinstated. At the same time, there are legislative developments in the pipeline which we reported on earlier, which may or may not come to pass. We are not holding our breath.

We are going with option 2 because we would like to preserve the comments, and the website. We are doing everything we can to maintain an open forum. That said, now that we know which way the winds are blowing, we are urgently working on a premium version of the site which will be independent of outside forces, and ad free. Incidentally many of the comments that got us here, were the result of targeted provocation by people who don’t have this site’s best interest at heart.

One other thing: we have also been deplatformed by PayPal, which is why the donation section is different now.

In summary, there is a full blown assault against this website and even if we go premium it is unclear what will happen if all funding lines are cut off. We’ll cross that bridge if and when we get there.

Bottom line: we are just asking for some patience.

I can totally relate to the attacks, but when you make somebody mad who has more money to spend than you, what are you going to do?

That’s the truth.

And sometimes the truth hurts.

Heck, whenever I bring up the truth, like just today, it gets avoided like the plague:

Or avoided like some dang coronavirus.

Nonetheless, the simple truth is that nobody can dispute what I wrote in that article because they’re not my words that are doing the talking, but Trump’s own words, and it’s a shame too, because it really speaks to Trump’s severe lack of integrity.

That’s needed in any good leader!

But I digress.

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What does what I wrote about Trump today have to do with Zero Hedge?

A lot.

That’s what.

I wrote this on February 1st, 2019:

I expect the Zero Hedge re-Tweets from President Trump to begin very soon.

I’m always early, but rarely wrong.

I still expect the re-Tweets to come.

And more.


Trump needs his WikiLeaks.

That’s why.

The problem is, however, Trump’s options are extremely limited.

You see, since Candidate Trump the Patriot turned out to be President Trump the Deep State Globalist, he can’t use WikiLeaks anymore, mostly because of the whole Julian Assange thing, and other websites, or even people, such as Alex Jones, for example, could be great mainstream choices, but would easily be cast as kooks by the b-rate hollywood producers in the MSM.

Um, so yeah.

Trump needs something like Zero Hedge for the illusion of having a rogue, alternative source of good, juicy information, because when your website is ranked in the top 2000, globally, you’re not alternative, you’re mainstream.

Still, it will be interesting to see how this one plays out.

Is this just some sly guerrilla marketing for Trump 2020?

We’ll see.



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