Zero-% interest rates destroyed the economy for the public.

by Corporate_God

All what you see happening right now: real inflation of 10% each year, stock price surge, housing/real estate price hikes, savings getting pulverized etc. is because of the zero-% interest rates imposed by central banks like the FED and ECB.

Just after the FED had reached a somewhat stable 2+% interest, they will be lowering it back to zero again.

The ECB rate is zero.

Bank of Japan and Swiss central bank rates are already negative.

Denmarks banks have launched the first negative interest mortgages. (

The rich upper class loves these policies because their assets (real estate, PMs, stocks) will be worth more and more over time.

Meanwhile the other 80% of people who cant invest, because they have no money, may only have a savings account, which pays no interest.

Inflation will destroy any savings. Inflation is good for any sound investment.

Savings vs. investment is the key here, like poor vs. rich in that order.

Alan Greenspan was knight’ed by the Queen for engineering science-fiction economics and destroying the US. middle class in 2008.

The rich will seize all assets of everybody else via these manipulated economic mechanics. They do not need to rob you at gunpoint or confiscate wealth (like PMs, aka gold-ban which some people here fear), because all money flows to them…because:


Ever asked whom all the nice buildings in our cities belong to ? Whom rents them out ? The rich 1%.

About 2% of Americans are self employed, so who is giving jobs to the other 98% ? The rich 1%, which owns and controls all large corporations, which have the middle- and small-scale businesses as subsidiaries.

Have you taken a look at the stock market recently ? Taken a look at say the stocks offered for large corporations like AAPL, Microsoft, IBM etc. ? How many are offered ? Couple of hundred or thousand at best depending on the share price, which volumes up to a few million $.

These are billion $ corporations. WHERE IS THE REST ?!!

The stock market is sweeped f*cking empty.

The rich 1% already own the majority of all (blue-chip) stock. Stocks are a rare commodity these days. That’s why the banksters are shitting out derivatives based on said stocks, turbo-certificates and all the othere fraudulent filth for the shrinking middle class to eat up (and subsequently get scammed on). They won’t let you own the actual stock. ETFs which are getting popular these days are the same deal. You dont own the actual stock, you own shares of the fund, which owns the stock.

See the pattern ? The 1% wont let you own the real deal, like you own paper money (if at all) instead of the gold and silver they once stood for.

We now live in an economy where the rich 1% own everything and they want more.


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