Zimbabwe: Total shutdown of Internet, soldiers are shooting people, dragging people out of homes

There is a total internet shutdown in Zimbabwe. VPNs are not working. All websites are down..

total Internet shutdown in Zimbabwe, tyranny in action, army, police doing door to door roundups

My three cousins from Mabvuku are hiding in the bush since yesterday. Soldiers were pouncing on anybody. As we can not communicate with them I pray they are fine. Mnangagwa is RUTHLESS.

Here’s a confirmation from one of Zimbabwe’s ISPs that they were ordered to suspend all internet services by the ministry of defence under the threat of 3 years jail time

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Econet’s founder, Strive Masiyiwa seemingly confirmed that his company, Econet Wireless had been ordered to suspend Internet services in the country to their consumers. Econet is Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications company with over 51% market share as of March 2018.


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Slightly off topic, but relevant..

So it begins…

Shocking video shows fireman Yellow Vest protestor shot in the back of the head by French police ..

Zimbabwe today, Paris tomorrow.


Supposedly this a response to protests over fuel price hikes


South African government is worried about a civil war and a flood of refugees into South Africa