If you think China is insane with their ‘reputation score’ for people, don’t think that insanity will not spread. In fact it is already here. Just not implemented yet.

by DontLetHATEUniteYou

Like we said, it is crazy that government is spying and recording everything, we are now saying that it would be crazy to have a score determining a person’s standing in society. We already have a scoring system in form of a credit score, but now there is a bigger dimension of data that is available and the only ‘natural’ thing to do with it is to create a Chart, a Graph a Summary for each record, the person. This is how this society functions. Labels are everything. Generalization and cliques is what drives the modern society.

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Here is an example of what is in works. Companies will soon be requiring this type of score be determined for job applicants. Belive that. www.mylife.com/barack-obama/e34238239260