Zionists Run the Department of Justice, They Run the FBI.

by Chris Black

That’s not a value judgement, simply a statement of fact.

Just as Merrick Garland’s deputy Lisa Monaco, who was the keynote speaker at an Anti-Defamation League conference on “white supremacist extremism,” will tell you here.

We see churches and maternity clinics being attacked by violent left wing extremists.

Is Lisa Monaco or any other official going to give a keynote address at a pro life group’s conference?

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This is how you know who is in charge.


Every white dissident targeted by federal prosecution should point to the DoJ and FBI’s extensive and intimate contact with hyper political Zionist espionage organizations such as the ADL to help establish motive for selective prosecution.

It’s not going to get your case thrown out, but it should be shown to a jury. Hit this nail enough times and it will discredit this whole machine.



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