One Year Into Office, President Trump is Winning, and Here’s Why That’s a Bad Thing


by Chris Black

If you were having any doubts that the corporate left-wing mainstream media is the real opposition party and President Trump’s sworn enemy, here’s an article, more of an essay actually, published in Huffington Post, which announces its readers that after his 1st year in the White House, President Trump is winning, against all odds. The essay is signed by Earl Ofari Hutchinson and begins with:
“This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit. Trump is winning.”
Why is that, you may ask? Well, according to the author, who’s also a co-host of the Al Sharpton Show, the problem for the ‘progressives’ is that Trump really delivered on his campaign promises during his first year into office, and the left wing mainstream media views it as a bad thing. Because, after all, that’s why he was elected into office in the first place, and now he has the nerve to keep his word; that’s unheard of and deplorable to say the least.
Earl Ofari Hutchinson enumerates some of President Trump’s victories, which include the (now-debunked) Russia collusion conspiracy theory, the Republican National Committee backing Roy Moore in Alabama, the appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the SCOTUS, Mick Mulvaney’s appointment to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the POTUS strong support of fossil fuels that are about to make the US energy independent, Scott Pruitt’s work at the EPA, the stock market breaking record after record (I would be more cautious about that honestly) and the passage of tax reform legislation (not there yet). However, these achievements are not even in the top three, according to Hutchinson.
The real ‘problem’ in the author’s view is that, horribile dictu, Donald Trump became the de-facto leader of the Republican Party:
“He is the point man for GOP policy and issues and, in a perverse way, the spur to get action on them,”
Another major issue with Trump is that he kept his fan base loyal and managed to rally them to support his agenda. You know, the same agenda he was put into office for. Hutchinson notes that the “overwhelming majority” of GOP voters are firmly behind the president:
“This is the voter loyalty that buys a lot of support from the GOP establishment even as they flail him or shake their head in disgust at his antics,”
Last but not least, Hutchinson thinks that Trump managed to ridicule the mainstream media, while playing them like a fiddle, by totally controlling the news cycle via tweets and things of that nature. Basically, the Donald is a master when it comes to playing the MSM in order to serve his own agenda. The author complains that:
“He remains a ratings cash cow for the networks and makes stunning copy for the print media. He knew that from day one of his presidential bid and he knows it even more now. He will continue to suck the media air out of everything that the Democrats do and try to do.”
Have no doubt, Hutchinson is a big fan of MSM’s war against Trump and his ‘America first’ agenda, and he praises the NYT’s and other liberal publications hit pieces, yet he’s aware that all these papers  have lost all credibility:
“So the withering criticism of Trump in these publications is tantamount to a wolf howling in the wind,”
Even the war with the NFL described as phony, or, let me quote, the President’s “bumbling, inept, and dangerous handling of the North Korea nuclear threat,”, were finally big wins for Trump:
“this has been a win-win, and a sad one to admit,”
The fact that America is winning too shows what self-centered sellouts Democrats really are. The first step to solving a problem is admitting there’s a problem in the first place. While I get instant gratification from the Huffington Post crawling in the mud like the scum they are, I was hoping they would keep their denial going until 2020. Fortunately, most of their readers will be outraged that fool told the truth.
Whether you like Trump or not, you have to give him credit. He is playing our “we’re smarter than you” ruling class like a fine tuned fiddle, and that includes our media. They now look like they are completely unhinged and instead of being in politics should be in a home somewhere.


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