Ben Swann has been fired from CBS46 Atlanta due to his attempt to revive his Reality Check segments independent of and from his work for the station.

CBS46 has fired Ben Swann, the evening anchor three days after the station discovered he had tried to revive his Reality Check news reports without their knowledge. The station’s general manager Lyle Banks released a brief press release today: “Ben Swann is no … Read more

RUSH: Today Marks 6 Months Of An Unhinged Media Conducting A 'FULL-SCALE COUP ATTEMPT' Against Trump RUSH: Mueller Investigation ‘MOST MASSIVE OPPOSITION RESEARCH OPERATION EVER’ In American Politics Top Dems Slow Rolling Ethics Probe to Delay Investigation Into Obama Leaks FBI turns over 7,000 documents from Weiner laptop in Clinton-tied case

I Am Calling On All Of You Smart Sleuths On IWB To Start Investigating The Assassination Attempt Of Steve Scalise And Other Investigative Work.

by Pamela Williams In all my reports I have made so many friends, who show an intelligence that amazes me.  I have met all of you in the comments section.  You guys rock!  That is why I am asking you to … Read more

A Crime Cannot Be Proven With "High Confidence". A Crime Must Be Proven With "Evidence." – FBI Has EVIDENCE From GUCCIFER! Plus, Fake News Attempt By CNN!

by Pamela Williams On May 14, 2011 Sidney Blumenthal’s business partners plan a trip close to Libya to help win a contract with Libyan rebels, and, of course, “Sid” emails Hillary Clinton to inform her.  Hillary always gives Sid orders, and … Read more

President-elect Trump Well Aware Of The Coup Attempt Upon Him By THE POWERS THAT BE, And WE THE PEOPLE Must Take Names – Our Survivial Depends Upon Our Awareness.

by Pamela Williams Let us be blunt and not run from the fact we are being stepped upon by political factions within our own government, who seek to silence us and steal the US Election from President-elect Trump. President-elect understands … Read more