The National Rifle Association (NRA) has helped write every single anti-gun law. Do they want gun laws in order to collect your money to turn around and then "fight" them? Based on NRA executive salaries and other shady internal conflicts, this could be true.

In the linked article, it details everything from how greed, lying, cheating and outrageous payouts and salaries rule the day. In essence, you’ll learn you have no voice in the organization you trust to protect your rights. Their priorities have … Read more

Funding Runs Out… As Feds Collect Record Taxes… President Urges 'Nuclear Option'

Deadline Passes, Triggering Shutdown; Senate Rejects Short-Term Spending Bill Both chambers were expected to be in session Saturday, continuing discussions over how to resolve underlying disputes WASHINGTON—The Senate rejected a one-month spending bill early Saturday, triggering the shutdown of many … Read more