.@TGowdySC explains why he’s calling for a special counsel to investigate alleged bias and FISA abuse inside the @TheJusticeDept. #SpecialReport… Citing ‘Evidence Of Bias,’ Gowdy, Goodlatte Call For Special Counsel To Investigate FISA Abuses… The Other Secret … Read more

Gowdy & Goodlatte Send Letter To Sessions & Rosenstein Formally Requesting A Second Special Counsel, John Kerry Officially Under Investigation

This speaks for itself! Seems there are 12 -24 people that the IG cannot subpoena … like Comey, etc… because of this (and more) Trey says a second special investigation is needed. “House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Rep. … Read more

JW's Fitton: The Memo is Devastating Blow to Mueller. No Dossier, No Russia Collusion Fakery, No Special Counsel

by TFittonJW This Fox News interview (and related tweeting) has sent the Establishment scrambling: Our JW update is also hard-hitting… .@TomFitton on GOP FISA memo: "There is no Russia collusion story without the dossier. And we now know and have confirmed … Read more

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, Postpones Michael Flynn’s Sentencing – FBI Sends Message To Trump White House.

by Ruby Henley Special Counsel Mueller is feeling the heat right now, as he just postponed the sentencing of Michael Flynn.  He has come so far only to be faced with the truth, which may be revealed possibly tomorrow with … Read more

QAnon says former President Obama formally retained counsel.

Saw it here Also this site has history of QAnon posts. Context: Qanon’s “Calm Before the Storm” (CBTS) refer to a series of cryptic, conspiratorial posts released on 4chan and 8chanauthored by a user identified as “Q” or “Qanon” using the tripcode [Q !ITPb.qbhqo]. … Read more

The Deep State Wields Power Over The People By Rule Of Chaos – Self-Evident Facts On Special Counsel Robert Mueller – AG Sessions Must Master This Chaotic Deception – IWB Investigation.

by Ruby Henley There are so many conflicting reports surrounding the Russia Collusion Investigation, Fake Trump Dossier, DNC Corruption, and most importantly these issues bleed into the Uranium One Scandal.  I have done a few reports as of late, and … Read more

John Kelly Tells A G Sessions His Job Is Safe From President Trump – Larry Klayman Asks Trump To Appoint Him Special Counsel To Prosecute Clinton – Sessions Must Resign.

by Ruby Henley The American people have been betrayed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, so it is time to move on.  In fact, there is no time to waste.  There is too much work to be done right now, and … Read more