Special Counsel Robert Mueller – A 30 Year Long Record Of Crimes, Corruption and Treason

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by Ian Shilling

Far from being the hero portrayed in the media, Robert Mueller is a bipartisan Establishment criminal with a record of Corruption, Cover Ups and Treason going back over 30 years.

These crimes include (but are not limited to):

BCCI – multi billion dollar drugs and terrorist money laundering bank used by the CIA and US “allies”, among others

Covering up who was really responsible for the Lockerbie bombing of 1988 www.globalresearch.ca/former-fbi-director-robert-muellers-history-of-cover-ups/5635272

Covering up the circumstances surrounding the mass murder in WACO, ordered by Janet Reno, Bill and Hillary Clinton

Getting HSBC, caught multi billion dollar drugs money laundering, off with a slap on the wrist fine. No directors of HSBC were sent to jail or even prosecuted for their systematic money laundering operations.

Covering up Saudi and Israeli involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Saudi government funded some of the hijackers (see “the 28 pages” of the 9/11 commission Report & multiple FBI agent testimonies).

Releasing 5 Mossad agents “The Dancing Israelis” who were sent “to record the event” of 9/11 and allowed them to go back to Israel, where they were greeted as heroes on Israeli national TV.

Closing down multiple FBI investigations (over 20) into who was actually behind the 9/11 attacks and who was sponsoring / supporting the hijackers. Which led to complaints from FBI agents that Mueller didn’t want to find out who did it. See e.g. Coleen Rowley – FBI whistleblower and one of Time’s persons of the year 2002.

Covering up who was actually responsible for the Anthrax attacks immediately after 9/11 and framing an innocent person for the crime.

Pushing the Iraq WMD lies with the Bush/Cheney gang.

 Getting Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile serial child sex abuser and rapist with a decades long record of organized Child Sex Crimes, off with a slap on the rest one year jail sentence, where he was even let out every day to carry on a mostly normal life.

Helped cover up Holder’s Fast & Furious which supplied guns to Mexican Drugs Cartels.

Covered up the multi million dollar bribery scandal to the Clinton Foundation by Canadian Oligarchs in Uranium One, which led to Hillary and the Obama gang approving the sale of 20% of America’s Uranium reserves to a Russian State owned company. This was clearly a National Security issue and the sale should never have been approved.

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Robert Mueller’s CIA connections and links to the conspirators that killed JFK, forced Nixon’s Resignation, and created Iran/Contra.

Cabell / Mueller Family

Robert Mueller has been married to Ann Cabell Standish since 1966. The Cabell family includes Charles Cabell, the deputy director of the CIA under Allen Dulles. Ann Cabell Standish Mueller is a distant relative of Charles and his brother Earle. As part of the fallout of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Charles Cabell was forced to resign by President John F. Kennedy in January 1962. His brother, Earle Cabell, was the mayor of Dallas in 1963 where and when Kennedy was assassinated. The 2017 JFK document releases have also proven that Mayor Cabell was a CIA asset.

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Bissell / Mueller Family

Robert Mueller (through his mother) is first cousin once removed to Richard M. Bissell Jr. Bissell headed the CIA’s Directorate for Plans from 1958 until President Kennedy fired him, General Charles P. Cabell and Allen Dulles after the disastrous Bay of Pigs Invasion of April 1961. Richard Bissell was the primary architect of the invasion plans. Prior to the Bay of Pigs incident, recently released JFK documents indicate Richard Bissell and James Jesus Angleton coordinated to “dangle” Lee Harvey Oswald in front of the KGB as a false defector in an attempt to uncover a suspected CIA mole. Oswald’s 1959 defection to the USSR and subsequent return to the US indicate the leadership of the CIA was well aware of Oswald’s activities well before November 22, 1963.

Halper / Cline Family

Stefan Halper’s former wife, Sibyl Cline, is the daughter of the former CIA deputy director for intelligence, Ray S. Cline.
According to a discussion in The Education Forum, “Cline was also in Taiwan when Oswald was there and in the Philippines when Benito Aquino was murdered according to a career State Dept. employee in the family. Did Cline turn into a contract killer just for the money? Or were some or all of these campaigns done under the auspices of and with the approval of the CIA? Cline certainly was one of the shadiest and most secretive characters ever to have lived. He took over the spot once reserved for James J. Angleton.” Cline himself shows up in the novel, The Manchurian Candidate in 1958, as “John E. is Rey S. Kline”
Halper’s Deep State Political Operations go back to at least the “October Surprise” of 1980. Stefan Halper has more recently been exposed as the conduit between the DNC/FBI and Christopher Steele, the for MI6 agent who peddled the discredited Trump “Russian Dossier.”
Aside from the family connections to the CIA, Halper was involved in setting up Palmer National Bank in the 1980’s. The Bank is believed to have laundered CIA drug money, serve as a depository for Iran/Contra funds, and have connections to organized crime in general.
“…Palmer National co-founder Stefan Halper helped set up [Oliver] North’s legal defense fund. Halper’s name appears in the final entry of North’s White House journal under the heading, “Legal Defense Fund.”
Palmer National held a $250,000 note on a California beach house that was used by organized crime associates and figured in the criminal convictions of two S&L figures.
Palmer National, a relatively small bank with assets under $100 million, occupies a modern building at 1667 K St. N.W….
…Dixon is not believed to be a suspect in the case, however investigators say he purchased the services of 20 call girls, including victim Donna Gentile, for a party at his Solana Beach, Calif., the San Diego Union reported. The nude body of Gentile — her mouth stuffed with rocks — was found the day after the two-day party concluded, sources told the newspaper….

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Paine / Strzok Family (?)

Peter Strzok II, the fired FBI/CIA agent spent part of his childhood in Iran, where his father Peter Strzok Sr. worked for Textron’s Bell Helicopter subsidiary. Bell Helicopter’s Deep State involvement stretches back to before the Kennedy Assassination.

  • Michael Paine worked for Bell Helicopter.
  • Michael Paine’s mother, Ruth Forbes, was married to Arthur Middleton Young, inventor and designer of the first Bell Helicopter.
  • Michael Paine’s wife was Ruth Avery Hyde.
  • Ruth (Avery Hyde) Paine was friends with Marina Oswald and she owned the garage where Lee Harvey supposedly hid the famous rifle used to kill JFK.

McCord Family (?)

Mary McCord was the Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division. She resigned in May 2017. We are currently trying to determine if Mary McCord is related to James W. McCord Jr. the Watergate Burglar and possible CIA “player” at the time of the JFK assassination.
“McCord worked for the Central Intelligence Agency. In 1961, and under his direction, a counter-intelligence program was launched against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.” (Wikipedia; Oswald and the CIA by John Newman p.138)”

Other Potential CIA Families

Obama / Payne – Ann Dunham (mother of Obama) worked for USAID and Ford Foundation (known CIA affiliates.) Obama’s maternal grandmother (mother of Ann) was Madelyn Lee Payne. Research into Daniel E Payne is ongoing, “Mr. Payne’s previous senior assignments at CIA include Deputy Chief of South Asia Division; Deputy Chief, Counterintelligence Center; Assistant Inspector General for Investigations; Deputy Director, Counterterrorism Center for Counterintelligence; and Deputy Chief, Counterespionage Group.” Currently Director at Defense Security Service.


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