FITTON: SCARY: Hillary Clinton National Security Scandal. Judicial Watch Sues For Clinton Security Clearance Info.

by TFittonJW Filed yesterday in federal court here in DC: I describe the details behind new docs showing FBI cover-up of Clinton emails on Weiner laptop here:  

FITTON: BIG Caravan News: “Elaborately Planned” Caravan Brings Human Traffickers & Violent Gangbangers to Guatemala — “There is nothing spontaneous about it.”

by TFittonJW An exclusive report from our Judicial Watch team in Guatemala: Another JW team report from Guatemala: Here’s another key find (that the leftist media hates) about the ISIS … Read more

FITTON: THE WALL is not enough: President Trump should order criminal investigation of how the “caravans” have been organized and financed. Based on our team’s reporting from Guatemala, it is likely Americans involved.

by TFittonJW Meanwhile, here’s latest from our team on the ground in Guatemala: Here’s another key find (that the leftist media hates) about the ISIS threat in the region: Our … Read more

FITTON:We can’t outsource the protection of our national security to Guatemala. President Trump should deploy the military to protect our country.

by TFittonJW I discuss the dire border threat and more in our latest Judicial Watch Update.: Links:

FITTON: CLINTON EMAIL SLAM: Federal Court Judge Slams State/DOJ over Clinton Email Lies

by TFittonJW Great WMAL interview on Judicial Watch’s Clinton email court efforts: The full audio: Here is the press release: A link to the court hearing transcript: My Judicial Watch … Read more

HUGE Soros find: Docs show Soros operation and State Dept working hand in glove (with your tax dollars).

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch getting it done on Soros: Judicial Watch lawsuit uncovers Soros operation working hand in glove with State Department in Albania: We’ve already documented taxpayer dollars funneled … Read more

FITTON:BIG federal court hearing this am on Ohr-DOJ-Fusion GPS docs. DOJ stonewalling again!

by TFittonJW I am the hulking person with JW attorney Ramona Cotca, who will be representing us today in court. Judicial Watch is relentless: Vid on DOJ games on Ohr … Read more

FITTON:GINORMOUS Update–here were no court hearings on key FISA warrants targeting Trump, Clinton emails hacked and DoJ/FBI do nothing, Deep State whistlebower files big lawsuit, and “glitch” on Ohr-DOJ email searches!

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch is crushing it. Here is the latest JW Update: FISA Court background.