FITTON: HUGE Scandal Confirmed! Testimony by Obama Amb Confirms She Directed Embassy Staff to Monitor Americans’ social media on Biden/Soros/Urkaine issues!

by TFittonJW Coup testimony backfires on the cabal as Judicial Watch report on anti-Trump enemies list bolstered: Here is the testimony: My discussion tonight with Lou Dobbs: Deep State Exposed. … Read more

FITTON: HUGE Find: Obama State Dept Colluded with Russian Embassy To Target Trump!

by TFittonJW BIG Update on our heavy lifting: Great view from our JW HQ roof here in DC.  

FITTON: BIG: New Ohr/Strzok/Page Docs Magically Found AND New Docs Show Obama State Department Russiagate COLLUSION with Russia AND House Dem Leadership!

by TFittonJW The corruption is astonishing and you can see why I look ready to pop at times:  

FITTON:BIG Cover-Up Exposed: Judicial Watch Obtains Records Showing Contact Between Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr That DOJ Had Claimed It Couldn’t Find

by TFittonJW Relentless Judicial Watch heavy lifting: “Ohr and Strzok clearly were working regularly with each other during the time the illicit Spygate operation heated up against President Trump,” Judicial … Read more

FITTON: HUGE: JUSTICE COMING? Barr/Durham Open Criminal Investigation into #Spygate–Obama/Clinton gang nervous; Smoking Gun Shows BENGHAZI/CLINTON EMAIL Cover-Up; New FBI Doc Shows Corrupt Media COLLUSION with DOJ against President Trump!

by TFittonJW Heavy lifting gets results: Hoping Durham strikes but JW will continue its independent Swamp-draining: