FITTON: Speaker Pelosi has a demonstrated record of abusing the perks of office that give her access to military luxury travel paid for by taxpayers.

by TFittonJW Big Judicial Watch Update. Warning, I get a bit heated: Some background:

FITTON: The shocking revelations about Bruce Ohr’s warnings on Steele, the Dossier, the Clinton connections, etc are direct strikes on already low credibility of FBI, DOJ, and the FISA courts.

by TFittonJW The Mueller operation’s credibility is also shattered. President Trump should shut it down. The shocking revelations about Bruce Ohr's warnings on Steele, the Dossier, the Clinton connections, etc … Read more


by TFittonJW We are ready to begin, but DOJ/State asks for delay of court’s ruling (issued yesterday) authorizing discovery. Fox Coverage: Judicial Watch background: One minute vid: The Court … Read more

FITTON:BIG ARMS SCANDAL: ICYMI: Smoking gun docs show Obama/Clinton were aware arms going to Syria through Benghazi and were warned about rise of ISIS, and they were supporting terrorists in Syria. Obama/Clinton created Syria mess.

by TFittonJW Worth highlighting in light of the loss of American lives in Syria today: (Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it obtained more than 100 pages of previously classified … Read more

FITTON: Federal Court Orders Discovery on Clinton Email, Benghazi Scandal: Top Obama-Clinton Officials, Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes to Respond to Judicial Watch Questions Under Oath

by TFittonJW Big news today! (Washington, DC) — Judicial Watch announced today that United States District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ruled that discovery can begin in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. Obama administration senior … Read more

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: “SEDITION: FBI retaliatory targeting of President Trump is bad enough but the seditious baton was handed over to Mueller Special Counsel operation. Shut it down!”

by TFittonJW .@FBI retaliatory targeting of @RealDonaldTrump is bad enough but the seditious baton was handed over to Mueller Special Counsel operation. Shut it down! — Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) … Read more

FITTON: BENGHAZI AND CLINTON EMAILS ARE BACK: Federal court wants to know whether Clinton email and Benghazi scandals are linked. Judicial Watch seeks to question to Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes.

by TFittonJW Major discovery effort by Judicial Watch: The original court ruling background from last month!  

FITTON: THE WALL — Congress dithers as our border is under assault. And there is a public health emergency! President Trump should deploy our military to secure our border.

by TFittonJW Recent interview with NewsMax: Judicial Watch tells the truth about the border: Weeks after mainstream media outlets reported that illegal immigrants don’t bring disease into the United States, … Read more

FITTON:We haven’t forgotten about “Sparatcus”, Maxine Waters incitement and Schiff’s classified info rulebreaking.

by TFittonJW Our latest Judicial Watch discussion on the Dem Hill ethics crisis:

FITTON: HUGE: LA County to Remove Up To 1.5 million INACTIVE voters from rolls — first time in 20 years rolls will be cleaned!

by TFittonJW Judicial Watch’s heavy lifting gets big results: Pumped for 2019 with this victory — will be a precedent nationally!    

FITTON: WAITING: What about our Judicial Watch Ethics Complaints against Maxine Waters, “Spartacus,” and Schiff?

by TFittonJW (Washington, DC)  – Judicial Watch today sent a hand-delivered letter to the chairman and co-chairman of the House Office of Congressional Ethics calling for an investigation into whether Rep. Adam … Read more