FITTON: BIG Victory: Court rules Hillary Clinton Must Testify on Emails and Benghazi Attack Docs within 75 Days. The Testimony Must Happen by May 16.

by TFittonJW Reason to smile: The testimony must happen by May 16. The courts opinion is worth reading:

FITTON: BIG: Strzok: Hillary Clinton apologized to FBI for emails and confessed she did “out of convenience” and that “it proved to be anything but.”

by TFittonJW Few doing more heavy lifting than Judicial Watch:  

FITTON:MASSIVE Coup Fail-President Trump Should should pursue justice! Judicial Watch sues on Biden/Burisma AND the so-called Whistleblowe

by TFittonJW PLUS New DOJ emails raise questions about DOJ lies and and pro-Clinton bias in prosecution of Republican Congressman! Heavy lifting gets results: