Marine le Pen has been charged over three tweets about Islamic State violence in 2015. Facing 3 years in prison, €90,000 euro fine! They took away her parliamentary immunity.

The leader of France’s far right National Front party Marine Le Pen was charged on Thursday over her tweeting of gruesome images of Isis atrocities in the Middle East, which included a photo of the decapitated body of US reporter … Read more

Muller has pulled immunity agreements previously on the table protecting Comey :multiple DOJ sources.

Any immunity agreement that was previously on the table protecting Comey is now off the table, according to multiple DOJ sources. Comey’s previous deal insulated him against prosecution for his role in many controversial FBI cases and emerging scandals. However, … Read more

Barack Obama announces DACA: It is not amnesty. It is not immunity. It is not a path to citizenship. It is not permanent. It is TEMPORARY.

Back in 2012, President Barack Obama made a speech about the current US immigration policies. He also went into detail about his DACA program for the “Dreamers”. He states that the DACA program is just a temporary measure. He also … Read more