We need federal legislation protecting free speech rights on campus, with massive statutory damages for violations.

GOOD: Federal judge calls Arkansas State speech policy a ‘prior restraint,’ refuses to dismiss suit. Here’s some free advice for university administrators: Don’t mess with litigious students. A federal judge refused to toss a First Amendment lawsuit against Arkansas State University … Read more

The Cloud Act Is a Dangerous Piece of Legislation – It threatens activists abroad, individuals here in the U.S., and would empower Attorney General Sessions in new disturbing ways

The bill starts by giving the executive branch dramatically more power than it has today. It would allow Attorney General Sessions to enter into agreements with foreign governments that bypass current law, without any approval from Congress. Under these agreements, foreign governments … Read more

2018 is the year of the mass shooting psyop. Each one is designed to move-forward specific legislation, chipping away at the Second Amendment bit by bit.

They’re coming for the Veteran’s guns next. Any vet who’s sought help for PTSD will likely be disarmed. This has been a high priority for the globalist gun-grabbers since the Obama administration, when the Department of Homeland Security considered returning … Read more

Totalitarian university left-wingers DENOUNCE state legislation to protect free speech on college campuses

by: Jayson Veley (Natural News) Truth be told, millennials do not support the freedom of speech – and at South Dakota State University, they are making that fact known to the entire country. Earlier this month, the campus news site Campus Reform reported … Read more