SEC Proposes to Enhance Protections and Preserve Choice for Retail Investors in Their Relationships With Investment Professionals

by Eazy_DuzIt Washington D.C., April 18, 2018 — The Securities and Exchange Commission today voted to propose a package of rulemakings and interpretations designed to enhance the quality and transparency of investors’ relationships with investment advisers and broker-dealers while preserving … Read more

Trump administration proposes amazing solution for food stamp recipients: American-grown “Harvest Box” food deliveries to our poorest families

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) The Trump administration is truly reforming America one program at a time with innovative, “genius” ideas that benefit everyone. Trump’s latest innovation? The USDA “Harvest Box” idea. Here’s how it works: Under the “Harvest Box” … Read more

After Russia Collusion FAILS to Stick, Barbra Streisand Proposes CRAZY NEW REASON to Impeach Trump

Ben Marquis for the Conservative Tribune reports, the Russian collusion narrative pushed by the liberal media is rapidly crumbling and a recent effort by House Democrats to introduce articles of impeachment failed miserably — and Trump remains the president. Read … Read more