States’ rights in production. Possible solution to an overly out of control government. Interesting development out of Michigan.

Signed by the Governor: Michigan Bans “Material Support or Resources” for Warrantless Federal Surveillance LANSING, Mich. (March 20, 2018) – On Monday, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a bill that bans “material support or resources” for warrantless federal surveillance programs. This … Read more

Trump administration proposes amazing solution for food stamp recipients: American-grown “Harvest Box” food deliveries to our poorest families

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) The Trump administration is truly reforming America one program at a time with innovative, “genius” ideas that benefit everyone. Trump’s latest innovation? The USDA “Harvest Box” idea. Here’s how it works: Under the “Harvest Box” … Read more

How to Invest in SwissBorg, the market-disrupting wealth management solution

As the world moves increasingly online, ICOs (initial coin offerings) are becoming an increasingly appealing investment option for forward-thinkers. SwissBorg is offering a new option for crypto investors, and presenting individuals, financial services experts, and other DAOs (decentralised autonomous organisations) … Read more

Japan Sends Warships… PRESIDENT TRUMP: We Are ‘Sending an Armada… China Urges "Peaceful" Solution to North Korea Tensions

North Korea has enemies surrounding its borders after causing global terror with its nuclear weapons programme. Kim Jong-un has threatened to nuke many of his neighbours and the US as the dastardly dictator flexes his muscles. In response, Donald Trump … Read more