YouTube Has Terminated One Of The Best Sources I Have – Operation Name And Shame Has Begun – Alternative News Media Attacked For Asking Questions.

by Ruby Henley I checked into YouTube this morning to update on the news.  My favorite reporter, Charles Walton, had been terminated!  I am in shock.  He has been reporting on the Florida school shooting and the Las Vegas Massacre … Read more

"Just talked with House Intel source. Said total changes to memo were: A) Unknown number of 'grammatical and clarifying' fixes. B) One change requested by FBI due to sources & methods concerns. C) One two-word change requested by Democrats for accuracy."

On Lou Dobbs Tonight, starting at 26:55. Judicial Watch representative was on the show and said the FBI finagled a meeting with John Kelley in which they made demands and “threatened” the president. This meeting should have never been accepted, … Read more

Reminder: The Bush Family purchased over 100,000 acres of land in Paraguay which happens to sit on the Guaraní Aquifer which is one of largest sources of fresh water in the world.

The Guarani Aquifer: a little known water resource in South America gets a voice The Guarani Aquifer in South America is a huge underground reservoir that lies under Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil, covering an area of land the size of Texas … Read more

Sara A. Carter: "Latest: sources in bureau telling me whistleblowers feel confident more resignations to come."

Carter reports: McCabe apparently lashed out to his colleagues when he was told he would be asked to resign, according to sources. FBI Director Christopher Wray viewed the four-page memo on Sunday, sources familiar with the discussions said. McCabe, who is … Read more

Muller has pulled immunity agreements previously on the table protecting Comey :multiple DOJ sources.

Any immunity agreement that was previously on the table protecting Comey is now off the table, according to multiple DOJ sources. Comey’s previous deal insulated him against prosecution for his role in many controversial FBI cases and emerging scandals. However, … Read more

GOOGLE Ends Fact Check… FACEBOOK to Rank News Sources… Socials Accelerate Removals of 'Hate Speech'

Google Suspends Fact Check Project, Crediting TheDCNF Investigation With Decision Google says it is discontinuing its fact-check feature because it proved to be too faulty for public use, directly attributing the decision to an investigation by The Daily Caller News … Read more

Greg Hunter says Dr Dave Janda sources say Bannon/Trump fued is a smokescreen/ PetroYuan is coming, US to be Next Saudilike oil producer

Greg Hunter says Dr Dave Janda sources say Bannon/Trump fued is a smokescreen/ PetroYuan is coming, US to be the the Next Saudilike oil producer The Gitmo preps for swamp dwellers is real And Dave Janda has been someone developing … Read more