10 Mobile Apps Every Stock Trader Should Have

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investor’s view at a staggering rate with the occasional crash. If traders aren’t ready to make the next trade, they could miss out on the next big stock.

Mobile apps give traders the competitive foothold they need to follow stock trends via a broker’s website or the market at large. The best apps provide real-time information on the latest stocks, easy navigational tools that take traders from one screen to the next, and lots of features that help brokers make smart, informed decisions.

Below we look at some top mobile apps that every stock trader should have in their financial arsenal.


  • Ameritrade



Ameritrade’s stock trading app consistently tops the list of the best apps for traders — and for good reason. One, Ameritrade is one of the largest and most reputable brokerage firms in the company. Second, Ameritrade offers more than one type of app depending on why the trader is using the app. The standard TD Ameritrade Mobile app gives users almost all the same features as the desktop app but in a more compact platform.


Brokers can customize the main dashboard and secondary screens, access and research advice from industry leaders, quickly transfer funds, receive up-to-the-second market alerts, and even learn a few concepts through video and content guides. Active traders will find that the charts, technical indicators, and in-depth analysis are highly valuable.

  1. Fidelity

Fidelity’s mobile app has a clean design and delivers a professional experience for serious investors who anticipate a slow portfolio growth. While critics point out Fidelity’s active trading features are lacking, the customizable dashboard, personalized feed, marketing updates, and insights are unparalleled.

With the Fidelity app, users can create a watch list, research stocks & bonds effortlessly, take notes, and sync the app with other apps or tools they are currently using. Fidelity makes trading easier than ever without sacrificing all the features in an industry-level trading app.


  1. TradeHero

TradeHero is a two-tier app designed to educate users in the world of stock trading. Tier one offers virtual trading through a stock market game. Traders can access the game through the app or straight from the web. Stocks go up and down that users can buy or sell. All players start with a $100,000 portfolio and play the market with no actual investment or risk. The game provides real scenarios and learning tools so that players can see what trading is actually like.

In 2017, TradeHero added a second tier upgrade called TradeHero LIVE. It allows users to trade real money as well as virtual currency. TradeHero LIVE does not purchase real stocks or bonds in the market. Instead, they use what is called a derivative contract that closely follows investment prices as they rise and fall. This platform can be difficult to understand. Therefore, traders need to make sure they know what they are doing before they commit to real financial transactions.

  1. Interactive Brokers
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Interactive Brokers is a favorite with traders and brokers alike. The app allows professionals to conduct business and trade quickly and smoothly with absolutely no bugs. The streaming data allows quick glimpses and insights into rising and falling stocks while accessing stocks that a trader buys or sells.

Users can manage portfolios and create a quick transaction using the Order Wheel tool. Once the user gets past the learning curve, the Order Wheel tool makes, rapid, detailed order entry feasible with simple forms. Once user information is saved, the forms become even easier to fill out. Traders can sync account with the Apple watch to stay current with the watchlist or new developments as they happen.


  1. Surfshark

Investors who trade online using any mobile app are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The best way to shield their financial information from criminal activity is to use a virtual private network (VPN) app.

Surfshark offers some of the most advanced security solutions for today’s traders. It currently provides over 500 servers in 50 countries, making it perfect for investors who trade internationally. Surfshark offers impressively fast browsing and will not interrupt any financial transaction on any other app. It offers a wide range of privacy protection features, as well as built-adware, malware, and tracker blocker so that hackers cannot track financial activity. Best of all allows single account usage across multiple devices.


  1. Charles Schwab

Like many brokers today, Charles Schwab integrates banking with stock trading. The Schwab mobile is perfect for traders who manage their stocks and other investments through their banking account. The app allows account holders to deposit checks, transfer funds, and manage investments from the same platform.

The app is a favorite with international travelers, who can make transactions with their debit card without incurring ATM fees. There are other features that allow users to manage their portfolio such as entering trades, purchasing and selling stock, and even paying bills. Traders have access to ETFs, options, and mutual funds.


  1. Acorns


For beginners who want to learn about the investment world without risk, Acorns may be the best entry-level option. Acorns tracksfinancial activity and then helps users designate a certain amount of income for investments. Using the app, a trader can transfer funds from a bank to an investment account or back to a bank.


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Acorns helps users develop a portfolio based on the amount in their investment account. Traders can view stocks, bonds, and other investments from the moment trading beings. Acorns provides insights, suggestions, and how-tos to help beginners along the way. One of the best features of Acorns is the Robo-Advisor that invests exclusively in ETFs so that novices can slowly build a diverse portfolio that reflects their financial objectives.


  1. E-Trade


E-Trade is synonymous with online trading. Founded in 1982, the company quickly rose to the top of the online trading platform and has been a mainstay ever since. The E-trade app is for expert traders or large firms looking to make corporate-size trading transaction daily.

The app allows experts to enter trades for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and options. It also offers lots of features for professionals engaging in more complex trading.


  1. Stash

Used as another simple tool for learners, Stash is a great resource for beginners who want to get in on trading without incurring high risks. Stash allows users to invest as little as $5 to slowly grow a portfolio. Their choose their investments, and Stash acts as a personal coach tutoring the user on every transaction.

What sets Stash apart is the unlimited educational resources that it provides. Learners can read articles and tips that help them become a better investor. All of your investments are allocated into single stocks and ETFs. Traders can create different industry categories and focus on different market sectors. Stash makes anyone a better investor and helps build a portfolio the old-fashioned way.


  1. Stockpile

For seasoned investors trying to secure your child’s financial future, Stockpile allows them to gift single stock shares or purchase fractional stock shares for $.99 per transaction. Investors can also purchase high-dollar stock from larger corporations such as Amazon, Google, and Walmart without overpaying per share. Traders can purchase a portion share until they build substantial funding.

Turn shares into gifts for children or other family members and build a comprehensive family portfolio. It’s the perfect tool for teaching children how to invest in the market.

Traders, brokers, and first-time investors need a solid app with flexibility, lots of features, and an interface for smooth trading. The perfect app combined with a protective VPN gives traders all they need to stay current with market trends while conducting business securely without fear of invasion from hackers. Today’s apps are better than ever and help traders build a solid financial portfolio.



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