$116 Billion A Year

Via the Raconteur Report

$116B per year.

That’s how much money we set on fire annually to pay for illegal aliens in this country.

Enough to build, arm, crew, and deploy 6 new supercarrier task forces every year, forever.

(Hint: That would have doubled the current number deployed, in just the two years since Trump has been president.)

Or, enough to keep the Social Security/Medicare Ponzi schemes solvent for another century.

Or to hand out nearly $7000@ in grants to every one of the 16.9M college students in the U.S., every year. (As 1/3 of them are at 2 year J.C.s, that would virtually make college attendance free, for all but the students at the most expensive institutions.)

Half the entire budget for the state of CA. Nearly the entire annual state budget for TX.

Or, a $400 annual tax refund to every man, woman, and child in the U.S. Actually $800, if we limited that refund to those among the 49% who actually pay taxes.

(It isn’t like that money is earned by government workers actually producing anything, or getting a paper route.)

Cost of Trump’s Great Big Beautiful Wall:
$30B, first year.
$0, every year after that.

America makes a profit of $84B/yr, forever, the moment we start tossing the 30-40M illegals over it after it’s built.

Rule One of Boats: First you plug the holes; then you bail them out.

Build. The. Wall.!!!

And leave those excess federal employees furloughed until it’s built.

If necessary, until Hell freezes over.