$150 million in jewelry reportedly stolen from armored truck between Bay Area and Southern California

by Boo_Randy

This has “inside job” written all over it. As Democrat-malgoverned states with Soros-installed DAs, “woke” judicial authorities, and corrupt, incompetent police departments sink deeper into dystopia, organized thefts are going to destroy the livelihoods of virtually all independent jewelers & LCS operators who remain in the blue states.


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In a heist that sounds like it came straight out of “Ocean’s 11,” an estimated $150 million in jewelry was reportedly stolen from an armored Brink’s vehicle that was bound from the Bay Area to Southern California.

KPIX says that the gems – some of which were sapphire and 19-karat yellow gold – were going to be showcased at the International Gem and Jewelry Show in Pasadena, a direct-to-consumer jewelry show that sells loose gems, watches and accessories. The merchandise was reportedly loaded inside the Brink’s vehicle last Sunday evening, and by Monday morning about two dozen lockers were gone  – and so were the 18 vendors’ livelihoods.


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