1985 CNN Special Report: Directed Energy Weapons, Mind Control Technology

CNN Special Report EMF Mind Control Directed Energy Weapons Revealed 1985 and possible weather control hear how they talk about changes in the cloud..? MIRRORED FROM UniBrowStudioVision, THANK YOU.

CNN Special Report EMF Mind Control Directed Energy Weapons Revealed 1985
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Certain kinds of weak electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, and so the promise is that anything you can do with drugs you could do with the right electromagnetic signal. Apparently, there are specific sites involved, specific functions involved. It’s a matter of matching up, just like it is with a pill or a drug, to cause an effect. You could have a cause and effect relationship between a magnetic field and a biological function.
Gyrotrons 2,50mins plus talks about strange clouds ?
Cosmic particle ignition of artificially ionized plasma patterns in the atmosphere.

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These weapons include 60Ghz, which is what much of 5G will be.

And it covers the Russian “Jackhammer” which for some strange reason……is the same type of noise AT&T Uverse routers make.


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