2017 is Watergate in Reverse

By Gabrielle Seunagal
For weeks, rumors have circulated that Obama wiretapped Trump Towers during the 2016 campaign. Moreover, reports from the United States Intelligence community indicated that communications from Trump supporters, the Trump administration, and possibly the President himself, were “incidentally collected.” A careful observant cannot help but note the parallels between the current wiretapping scandal and the Watergate scandal occurrence from 1972.
In 1972, Richard Nixon covered up a series of events which would soon become known as the Watergate Scandal. These events included Nixon wiretapping his political foes and using the FBI, CIA, and IRS to investigate groups and persons whom he viewed in a disfavorable light. Eventually, a plethora of people in Nixon’s administration were arrested for their crimes and Nixon himself was forced to resign. Nearly seventy people in Nixon’s administration were indicted with almost fifty being found guilty of abuse of power.

The Watergate Scandal is essentially the reverse of Obama wiretapping President Trump. In 1972, President Nixon’s illegal surveillance was exposed by the media; in 2017, the media is concealing Obama’s spying operations, but President Trump is uncovering them. The media has chosen to align themselves with the elitists and the establishment over the past decades. President Trump is a threat to big government, so the media will innately take action against him. Obama was vehemently against the victory of President Trump from the start. He campaigned for Hillary Clinton and stated that a Trump victory would serve as an “insult to his legacy.”
The drastic media change is quite interesting, yet most unfortunate. 45 years ago, the media exposed the corruption of a President; in current times, the media is so threatened by the Commander in Chief that they have sunk to the level of concealing corruption and deceiving the American people. If it were not for the President (and conservative news outlets), Obama’s wiretapping operations would mostly likely remain as a secret.

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