Recession 2022: Inflation Is Hitting The Average Joe Very, Very Bad. Personal Savings In The US Evaporating. Half Of All Us Companies Plan To Implement Job Cuts. Mortgage Lenders Are Starting To Go Broke…

US mortgage lenders are starting to go broke (Housing Bubble 2.0 is bursting)

When globalist media outlets assure us “there is no systemic meltdown coming this time” because things aren’t the same as they were in 2006-2007, they’re lying. The coming implosion of the Fed’s Everything Bubble is going to make the 2008 financial crisis look like a walk in the park.

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The US mortgage industry is seeing its first lenders go out of business after a sudden spike in lending rates, and the wave of failures that’s coming could be the worst since the housing bubble burst about 15 years ago.

There’s no systemic meltdown coming this time around, because there hasn’t been the same level of lending excesses and because many of the biggest banks pulled back from mortgages after the financial crisis.



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