Joe Rogan slams The Vatican as a ‘country filled with pedophiles and stolen art’ and criticizes Popes for ‘covering up’ molestation scandals

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Joe Rogan slammed the Catholic church in a Wednesday podcast episode where he calls The Vatican as a ‘country filled with pedophiles and stolen art.’

Rogan sat alongside fellow podcasters – Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin – during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience to discuss the Catholic Pope Francis and the various covered up scandals.

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‘Even the outrage about things you should be outraged about, like Jeffery Epstein, that outrage was balanced. Right? Sort of. Right? But what about the Catholic church?’ Rogan asked.

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‘Like why isn’t everybody really freaking out about – I was just in Italy and one of the things that’s nuts is the Vatican is a country. It’s a country filled with pedophiles. It’s a country filled with pedophiles and stolen art. It’s a small, like hundred yard – like what is it? A hundred acres, I think. Yeah. It’s a hundred acre rather, country inside of a city filled with pedophiles.’

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