“30 Life Hacks That Deserve a Nobel Prize”

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Jun 22, 2018


There are many great life hacks I wanna share with you.

Let’s start with awesome hair dryer hacks. I’ll teach you how to quickly dry wet socks, and to create a wonderful stylish decoration for your flower vase! By the way did you know you could easily inflate a mattress with a hair dryer?

Next up, genius newspaper hacks of how to save a soaking wet book, create an incredibly cute manicure, and make decorative items

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I’ll also show you how to do the laundry properly: separate laundry by color, don’t use too much washing powder, and to prevent the down from clumping add a couple of tennis balls.

Let’s not forget how many cool tricks we can do with plain baking soda. Clean silver jewelry, cook puffy pancakes, and easily remove stains from clothes and carpets!

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1:27 Clean the walls with hair dryer
2:27 Clean your working space with hair dryer
3:23 Make ice cubes with boiled water. Feel the difference!
6:12 Save the book
9:55 Cardboard folding device
12:26 Awesome tennis balls hacks


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