3rd Week of April and Coronavirus

by sgraber6

Historically, the third week of April has been filled with tragedies in America. Some infamous examples include:

April 19, 1775- Start of Revolutionary War

April 15, 1865- President Lincoln was assassinated

April 15, 1912- Titanic sinks

April 15, 2013- Boston Marathon Bombing

April 16, 2007- Virginia Tech shooting

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April 18, 1906- San Francisco Earthquake

April 19, 1995- Oklahoma City Bombing

April 20, 1999- Columbine Shooting

April 20, 2010- BP Oil Spill

April 19, 1993- Waco Massacre

We are one month away from the deadliest week in American history and the coronavirus has began to spread in America causing panic. Travel bans have been put in place, schools are closing, the stock market is dropping rapidly, and people are stockpiling supplies, causing shortages for various items in America.

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Will the third week of April in 2020 be a deadly week in America due to panic and widespread cases of the coronavirus? Only time will tell. Stay safe, America.