UK coronavirus crisis to last 1+ year, 7.9m british people to be hospitalised on ventilators

UK coronavirus crisis to last 1+ year, 7.9m british people to be hospitalised on ventilators,

above title is edited but is legit what they mean.

UK coronavirus crisis ‘to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised’

I wonder what the % of people who survive after ventilation from not being able to breath on their own?

if hospital beds get overwhelmed in the uk, most of those 7.9 million british people will die, like what is happening in italy.

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herd immunity will not work at all.

there are already multiple strains of coronavirus in countries of the world. you will need to catch each current strain and then each future virus strain to gain immunity… one does not just gain immunity to viruses that can morph into something new.

throw in the information posted to glp about patients being cured but not really cured and the virus activating at a later time…

that people can be reinfected by the same strain of coronavirus, there is no immunity created. that the second infection is far worse than the first and may likely kill you.

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why isnt the uk following the same tried and true strategies of countries like south korea, who have done rigorous testing and tracing of people, 20k tests are done a day.. they have contained it in a matter of months, almost virus free..

but no the uk wants everyone to be infected, for the crisis to drag on for potentially year/s

the uk is in a world of sht