4 Professional Football (Soccer) Players Collapse In 48 Hours, With One Resulting In Death. Mainstream News Link Included!

by Jazzlike_Cherry_8945

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As a U.K football fan, a day that sticks in my head in the day that Bolton Wanders player, Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the pitch during an F.A cup tie with Spurs.

I was young at the time, but the event was so rare, and so shocking that it was headline news and discussed for a long period of time after the event.

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Sadly these events appear to be becoming ever more common.

In a 48 hour period, between 23rd and 24th November 2021, there were 4 instances of professional players collapsing, with one resulting in death.

Here are their stories;

These stories could be coincidence, as mentioned previously players have collapsed on the field before, but the thing I find very troubling is the lack of coverage from the mainstream news here in the U.K. Why, did Fabrice’s story get so much attention but seemingly these stories receive very little attention at all on an individual level, let alone articles covering them all simultaneously.

By not addressing these instances, and sweeping them under the rug the Government & mainstream news must realise they are fuelling vaccine related injury theories.

And for those that believe there is something more sinister going on, take a look at this blatant censorship of former England star, Trevor Sinclair when he tries to ask the question that we all want to know the answer to.


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