The “vax pass” will not work anymore in France if you don’t take a third dose by January 15

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There it is, even faster than I thought. First they announced it would deactivate the “pass sanitaire” aka “vax pass” for the 65+ starting December 15, now it’s for all adults starting in January.

Every double dosed will be considered unvaxxed at that period, and the government has reduced the time between doses to 5 months instead of 6. And you HAVE to get an MRNA vaccine, either Moderna or Pfizer, but if you’re under 30 you can only choose Pfizer.

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Without this pass, you can’t go into restaurants, cinemas, bars, gyms and a ton of other public places. Oh and they’re mandating obligatory tests twice per week for young children everywhere. They will even mandate those tests on kids aged 3 to 6. And France recently outlawed homeschooling.

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