40 shockingly simple skills that today's Millennials have no idea how to do

by Mike Adams
(NaturalNews) Behold the following list of amazingly simple skills that have somehow escaped Generation Snowflake. This is what happens when an entire society of teachers, parents and spineless community leaders tell young people they’re “awesome” and “amazing” even when they’re actually rather pathetic and clueless.
As you read this list, recognize that Millennials are just one event away from being removed from the human gene pool vianatural selection following almost any disruptive event (power grid failure, natural disasters, war, etc.)
FACT CHECK: Find your closest Millennial neighbor and ask them to carry out anything on this list. If you can find any Millennial who can do any of these things, you may have accidentally stumbled across an Eagle Scout troop meeting. For the rest of today’s youth, they’re clueless!
Read this and weep for humanity’s future…

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40 shockingly simple skills that today’s pathetic Millennials have no idea how to do

#1) Plant a seed in dirt and grow an edible plant.
#2) Change a bicycle tire.
#3) Sharpen a pencil.
#4) Identify the name of any tree or bird in the real world.
#5) Check the oil level in any engine.
#6) Name a single star in the night sky.
#7) Change a blown fuse in anything (or even reset a circuit breaker).
#8) Drive a stick shift. (Many don’t even know what “stick shift” means.)
#9) Navigate using a printed map without using GPS.
#10) Strike a punching bag without injuring their frail, fragile wrists.
#11) Repair a broken garden hose without throwing it away and buying a new hose.
#12) Stop bleeding with a tourniquet.
#13) Cut a piece of wood in a straight line using a hand saw.
#14) Carry a 50 lb. bag of animal feed on their shoulder for 50 meters.
#15) Cook a real meal that isn’t “instant” or microwaveable.
#16) Start a camp fire, even with a lighter.
#17) Sharpen a knife, even using a knife sharpener.
#18) Build a shelter in the forest by using only forest materials.
#19) Use a car jack without ripping the bumper off the vehicle.
#20) Chop wood for a wood stove.
#21) Locate and reset the ground fault tolerant button on an electrical outlet to restore power to the outlets.
#22) Dry clothes on a clothesline.
#23) Strip a copper wire.
#24) Securely tie a rope to anything at all.
#25) Calculate a 15% waiter tip in their heads.
#26) Make a broken bone splint out of anything at all.
And for advanced skills, Millennials have absolutely no idea how to do any of the following:
#27) Catch a fish.
#28) Clean a pistol.
#29) Swap out the hydraulic hose on a piece of farm equipment.
#30) Intelligently read any food label.
#31) Purify water using a plastic bottle and sunlight.
#32) Make a water filter out of charcoal and sand.
#33) Fold a paper airplane.
#34) Make an emergency funnel out of aluminum foil.
#35) Chop down a dead tree with an axe.
#36) Read a compass.
#37) Cut a stuck seatbelt to escape a burning vehicle.
#38) Paddle a canoe in any intended direction at all.
#39) Open any can of food without using electricity.
#40) Siphon fuel from the gas tank of an abandoned car.
Now ask yourself this question, and answer honestly. Given that most Millennials know absolutely nothing about the real world — and have no real-world skills to speak of — how can they possibly survive the next great collapse?
The only time they’re ever venturing out into the real world is when they’re playing Pokemon Go (and walking off cliffs or stumbling into traffic as a result). Go figure…


35 thoughts on “40 shockingly simple skills that today's Millennials have no idea how to do”

  1. Most non-millenials have the same lack of skills…………………………………I don’t know a single person my age (42) that can drive a stick shift besides me. This is just a smug list of ‘kids these days can’t do anything’ that most older people never learned to accomplish. If you think you are any less helpless than a ‘millennial’ I have bad news for you.

  2. These braindead zombie phone addicted cunts can’t do shit unless there is an app involved. I watch these idiots (Loyola U. is blocks away) and they pull out their phones every fucking 15 seconds to do what—-don’t know nor care. They walk around constantly with their phones in their hands, even when not in use. It’s scary and the main reason I rarely go out anymore. I’m moving to the sticks and can’t wait. Won’t have to deal with all the idiots that think it’s normal for a truck to run people over without any visible wounds, but blood coming from underneath their bodies. Sure, that makes sense….not.

  3. #42 Fold a ballot and insert in ballot box.
    #43 Make change for a $20.
    #44 Tell a bedtime story.
    #45 Make a soapbox derby racer.
    #46 Identify a $2 bill.
    We’re screwed!

    • I’m sure there are some idiot people who could see a Judah P. Benjamin 2 dollar bill from the South and say, he directed one of my favorite films!
      They also have no idea how to spell, have no concept of history(or revisionist history which is also quite important), and believe in the end, some of us will still be polite. I donate to straight up suffering people, but those fuckers had better be damn goodlooking girls or have a ton of adderall for me to help.
      I wonder if any of them realize how shitty it might or could get pretty soon. For themselves and all others…

      • Agreed on all counts except the adderall, but it’s the education system that is at fault not the citizens. The only reason my kids can function in the real world is because a guy volunteered to give his time and got them hooked on Project Business. They are now both entrepreneurs who work for cash. They hire their friends who work for cash. They are the last free generation. It only goes downhill from here.

        • I agree with you. I have ADHD, because in college my friends were like, that’s awesome, we play baseball. It’s not even just the system, it’s that our parents’ parents did not pay attention. We grew up clueless, and had it great for a while. And suddenly, you look around and wonder how everything has changed but few people notice. I was taught that honesty, virtues and morals were KING. But if I lied… life ruled. I’m glad your kids are doing well. Most kids have no chance due to corporations, a fake history being shoved down their throats, and constant cultural marxism FORCING equality or diversity…. I know they will have another word in a week to throw off everyone not paying attention.

  4. Millenials…Gen X….Yuppies….same shit…different era…unless you consider Military/Firefighters/EMS/4-H Club Farmers/Bikers/Motorheads/Laborers/Trades People…google this: Hank Williams Jr, “A Country Can Survive”…says it all.

  5. Well actually as a 26 year old without a college degree there is only one thing on the list I haven’t successfully accomplished and that is changed a piece of hydraulic hose on a farm implement or equipment. Hydraulic systems are high pressure left to the professionals my dad told me, so I never felt the need. Changed plenty of transmissions and transmission cooler lines, but that’s not on the list.

  6. One thing tells me how old this guy is. I haven’t seen a bumper jack for a car in about twenty years. I will say though that I have shown all my kids how to do this stuff a long time ago. I only hope they have retained some of it and will pass it on to their kids. Yea, it may sound dumb, but I was raised to believe the only one you can depend on is yourself. And before the SHTF, you had better be brushing up on a few of the basics of getting by.


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