Elizabeth Warren Exposing Crooked Hillary As Huge Fraud! Send this to a libtard today!

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24 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Exposing Crooked Hillary As Huge Fraud! Send this to a libtard today!

  1. Look for Elizabeth Warren to be the replacement candidate when Hillary crashes and burns. Warren speaks against the criminal banksters while protecting them. Bernie? He will never be allowed to run.

  2. Great interview that implicates Killary in a corruption/bribery scandal, but Pocahontas fails to mention Israel is Killary’s master funding those ever streaming lobbyist laws meant to give Israeli owned US businesses carte blanche for the purpose of “draining” the pockets of We The People.
    …I don’t consent to Jewish communism. Thanks, but no thanks.
    Dear GOD, who in their right mind would ever consent to being ruled by megalomaniac money junkies!
    Hey, you see Trump do the dirty on the US by engaging in a 9/11 cover-up to protect Trump’s cherished Israel?
    Donald Trump, Larry Silverstein, and WTC7 (9/11 Documentary)
    Warren never confirmed nor denied Trump’s allegation she lied about being an Indian on her student loan app. Warren replied that she didn’t lie on her job app. So, who’s lying, Trump or Warren or both? If it’s true Trump lied, he shouldn’t run for office and visa versa, which is it?

    • Should have been titled: “Carl Sagan’s Wife, Larry Silverstein, and WTC7″… How much does Hillary pay YOU?! …Perhaps We Are Change will document how Ron Paul took ALL THE CAMPAIGN MONEY and paid JESSE BENTON very handsomely…Yeah..”No Balls Ron Paul” …I am so GLAD that Trump is winning…at least he has BALLS!

      • Even if Trump succeeds in tricking people into thinking he’s not a snake/establishment, …be careful what you wish for is alls I got to say. The only president that will appreciate his/her job is the one who’s willing to out Israel, their corrupted fed, their corrupted media, and their corrupted politicians. Otherwise, they’ve won a mess that won’t be fixed until…they…out Israel, their corrupted fed, their corrupted media, and their corrupted politicians.
        Sorry. But, the evidence above reveals Trump is on the same team with Hillary Benghazi Clitler. They’re just playing controlled opposition for their masters.
        “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Lenin
        You’re witnessing the stillborn birth of communism in the West — Jewish communism ain’t flyin’ here, period. It’s ungodly and we *are* a Christian nation, not a self-aggrandizing, greedy, maniacal satanic/luciferian people like Israel with their crimes, lies, bullets, and bombs.

    • Are you so daft that you actuall think poLIEticans tell the truth all the time. Hell, if lying is enough to prevent running, WTF is hilly doing still running. Really who cares, all you PC nutjobs should worry about real issues our country faces, not invent new ones. I honestly expect politicians to lie, its part of the job. We need to judge the actions, not the words.

      • I don’t think they do. I expect them to or they are illegitimate, criminal liars.
        The reason Killary Benghazi Clitler is running is because Israel owns the US media and have blackmailed their way to complete illegitimate power over the US. Israel won’t survive the next 4-years, for sure. Israel will either be bombed into oblivion from the air by Russia, China, an India, or the Israelis will run and hide because they’ve completely lost control of their lies and organized crime structure here in the US, it’s over for Israel.
        Trump? The documentary above reveals Trump engaged in a 9/11 cover-up for Israel. He’ll need to step-down and confess. He’s not getting my vote and he’s being brought to justice too.
        Don, confess, repent, submit yourself to justice.

  3. “Elizabeth Warren Exposing Crooked Hillary As Huge Fraud!”
    Er..NO! You’ve completely misunderstood what Elizabeth Warren is saying in this interview. She’s being entirely complimentary to Hilary Clinton as being responsible for Bill Clinton vetoing a bad bill which would have benefited the big banks over Joe Public.

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