The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, a Physicist At CERN Before He Committed Suicide…

On July 13, 2016, Dr. Mantill was found dead in his office from a self inflicted gunshot wound. The renowned physicist had been researching a hidden code in the movement of the nutrinos from the north to the south magnetic poles.
His colleage said the Dr. hadn’t slept for days after he had allegedly given up his research and had shut himself off in his office and after a couple of days of not showing up for appointments, he was found in his office, fatally wounded. He had burned all of his research in his trash bin and his computer had been wiped clean of everything except one text file.
The rest of this story and what the doctor confesses about the discoveries at CERN is in this 9 minute video…..

Here is another video from another employee of CERN concerning CERN’s latest developments…

And here is a bizarre twist to the Dr. Edward Mantill case…


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38 thoughts on “The Last Words of Dr. Edward Mantill, a Physicist At CERN Before He Committed Suicide…”

  1. The reason this is all crap is because the earth will endure forever. This is how God made it and how he will keep it. Very soon now we will enter the Tribulation period of 7 years after which Jesus will come right down here to earth to set up his kingdom for 1000 years after which God will re-model the earth and come to live with us here. So neither CERN nor anyone else can change that. More at

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      • When you stand before God someday, to answer for how you lived your life, he will show you all the times you could have turned back to him but you didn’t….. I hope you do. Just ask Jesus to forgive your sins and you will be forgiven.

        • Spoken like someone regurgitating what their fundie, megachurch pastor told them. Your perception of The Most High is that of a child in sunday school having fairy tales jammed into the soft spot of it’s head. God is so much bigger than that book. I pray that one day you put it down and look within.

          • Actually I got this from the Bible. It’s what Jesus said because he loves you and wants you to spend eternity with him instead of in the lake of fire. But…’s up to you.

          • Do as I say, or I will burn you for all eternity… because I love you. Self-imposed Stockholm syndrome.
            If the sky zombie gave us all free will, then punishes us for using it, where does that put HIM?
            I agree with the Jewish victim of the Nazi party, who carved into the wall at the stalag, saying that when he stands before god, god will have to apologize to HIM.

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          • we never said anything about doing things the wrong way we just said that the bible is horse shit. are u trying to say that without the bible you wouldnt have a moral barometer to gauge whether what u are doing is right or wrong? us rational folks can go the right path without the bible and ur god thank you very much

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    • Christ has already come. The healing of Mother Earth and humanity is in active process.
      “The coming of Christ has arrived. It is not coming in your future. It has happened. And Christ is an energy. Lord Jesus was the Son of God, a ray of energy, of light, who came to Earth to deliver the message of love and wisdom. These are the two key components that shall save your world; love and wisdom….” Excerpt, Mary Magdalene ~ Messages of Love and Wisdom channelled by Michelle Manders of Palace of Peace
      Transcript (PDF):
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      • You can believe this if you want to, but I believe the Bible which does not say that. The Bible says that we are sinful and cannot enter heaven unless our sins are forgiven. This is what Jesus did for us and we now need to be Born Again. Those that are not born again, will be cast into the lake of fire. That’s what the Bible teaches….

    • it never fails to amaze me how such a massive mass of people will believe the words from one book with no evidence backing it for the reason that it is the way they want the world to be, yet keep denying the multitude of books explaining and substantiating the way the world actually is just because it introduces unkown elements

    • CERN will cerntantly fulfill the Scripture of Our Lord. I “know” forth of this years end the Tribulation to Final Judgement of all living and deceased must answer to the Whole Truth before GOD, Know that you will be called to do what is right and just in the EYE of GOD. know that moment for it shall be clear of all thoughts as pure, forthwith for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has come. Thy name of Thee Holy Ghost “I” pray to You MY LORD in Heaven . Amen

    • The P2 freemason lodge at Vatican has admitted it already that they ‘invented’ Christianity – for keeping control of the slaves. But God does exist, except for some of the things are twisted in what they taught through ‘Christianity’. Good vs evil part is correct to a good extent (there are other much more stories of His pastimes but essentially He has always supported good & destroyed evil). Some of ‘blasphemy’ items actually apply to His devotees much more than Himself. He loves his devotees so much that if somebody blasphemes His devotee it upsets Him much more than direct blasphemy of Himself. Whether anyone believes it or not, it’s true.

  2. Wait, why would they be lab assistants at Cern if not evil? How much did that shit cost to create? We never feed the hungry or cure disease, that’s not up to the serfs who understand time travel is simple. Faster than the speed of light? Open a fucking book. Or realize Tesla was right about time. These evil bastards are doing this as a psy-op, and yes, John, I’m talking to you. Don’t go burning witches or hanging yourself after reading the Bible. They’re messing with all of us, and Cern is a lot like Nasa… another lie. Free masons don’t worship your God, and they want to fake an anti-christ… or fake christ for us all to worship. This is the just the beginning of a lie. I was quite worried about some of its so-called capabilities a few years ago, but they’re using other sources to hurt the mind and spirituality. So you get that this is crap, but they will continue to attack your beliefs. Stay paranoid, my friends? If we ignore these tossers, all they can do is change a name of a cookie you never bought before… Mandela effect… dude who used to put tires over people’s heads, pour gasoline on them, and set them on fire. Oh, and his wife said, one bullet, one white baby. HEROES!

    • Who said Freemason’s worship Jesus Christ? They obviously do not and haven’t ever since the illuminati infiltrated it in 1776. I would not even attack men (and women) who are involved in masonry because the majority of low ranking Mason’s are naive enough to join a secret society which seems innocent enough but don’t see past the secrecy and mountanace amount of evil involed both subconsciously during some rituals that are against the Bible’s teachings and most of all the 33rd degree of masonry, which is the introduction of illuminism. (luciferian)

  3. Science is a tool. So is fear. But faith carries a person through hard times. Without faith your life is filled with reasons why it dos not exist. And judging from what I have read below there Some of you struggling with out faith in your life. Even with all that you have. But many who belief may have less than half of what you have and they live in joy. I choose to walk in joy.
    Who knows if any of this story is real. Living in fear of such an event would be pointless.


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