DNC Emails Will Be The BIGGEST Scandal In A Generation

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The news about the DNC emails just gets better and better. A few things we are seeing so far:
1) Ted Cruz asked the DNC for $ to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland. (waiting for more source to conform this)
2) Jake Tapper of CNN colluded with the DNC. They gave him questions to ask his interview guests.
3) Chuck Todd of NBC was also colluding with the DNC and put pressure on others at the network to go easy on Democrats at the DNC’s request.
4) The New York Times co hosted parties with the DNC. This is against the law by the way.
5) Hillary Clinton setup a slush fund through the DNC to launder donor money.
6) The DNC actively colluded with the media to work against Bernie Sanders.
Like I said this scandal touches all aspects of the media and the Democratic Party. Don’t look for the MSM to report on it much since they are heavily implicated.
Don’t look for it to trend on Twitter because Twitter is also trying to hide this story. But it’s everywhere on Twitter now. And all 20k emails can be looked at on Wikileaks.
The election is going to Donald Trump because of this. It’s too big now for anyone to hide.
WIKILEAKS Releases 20,000 Hacked DNC Emails…
Staffers conspired to develop ‘anti-Sanders’ narrative…

DNC Wikileaks Email Released, Democrat leaving in huge numbers because of Hillary!
DWS, you’re almost as corrupt as $hillary Clinton. I’ve already left the Democratic party—after 32 years. Lots of us have. And you and your direction for the Democratic party are a large reason why. HRC is the other reason. It’s coming—the shock you will feel when MILLIONS of us won’t vote for Shillary–PERIOD. Fuck you. From: Debbie Wasserman Schultz [mailto:democraticparty@democrats.org] Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 2:36 PM To: Julie Scardiglia Subject: Join me in Knoxville June 3rd! [Image removed by sender. Democrats]

Most of the emails released come from seven prominent DNC staff members: senior adviser Andrew Wright, national finance director Jordon Kaplan, finance chief of staff Scott Comer, Northern California finance director Robert Stowe, finance director of data and strategic initiatives Daniel Parrish, finance director Allen Zachary and Miranda.

“The release provides further evidence the DNC broke its own charter violations by favoring Clinton as the Democratic presidential nominee, long before any votes were cast”.
This one proves, intent and motive to break convention laws.
They are going to jail for this!
Robert Gates interview – this was a good interview for us, but he doesn’t outright say that Donald Trump is dangerous. We should consider chopping this up and blasting it out and write the framework of a dangerous Donald at the top
Direct ties to Black Lives Matter
Vetting of Deray:
Bernie Sanders supporters, you have been screwed!

“Yes, but going forward, when our allies screw up and don’t deliver bodies in time, we either send all our interns out there or we stay away from it.. we don’t want to own a bad picture:”


“The leaks come from the accounts of seven key figures in the DNC: Communications Director Luis Miranda (10770 emails), National Finance Director Jordon Kaplan (3797 emails), Finance Chief of Staff Scott Comer (3095 emails), Finanace [sic] Director of Data & Strategic Initiatives Daniel Parrish (1472 emails), Finance Director Allen Zachary (1611 emails), Senior Advisor Andrew Wright (938 emails) and Northern California Finance Director Robert (Erik) Stowe (751 emails),” the site advertises.
WikiLeaks is presenting the emails as a searchable database, complete with an optional spam filter.
Here is the Wikileaks email linking Ted Cruz to the DNC.
You might have seen this circulating on Twitter. It’s controversial:
It’s hard to draw conclusions, maybe others can figure it out. Here it is from Wikileaks:
Here’s one Twitter post talking about it, being shared all over:

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62 thoughts on “DNC Emails Will Be The BIGGEST Scandal In A Generation

  1. “1) Ted Cruz asked the DNC for $ to help fund his delegate fight in Cleveland.”
    Any link to a specific email in the db, sure would like to see/save!

    • I’m not surprised you didn’t see his link to all this is X’d out. Want to win in November? Stop making Cruz the bad guy. Clinton is the bad guy.

  2. Typical Lyin media. If they had an email from Cruz, it would be posted for all to see. What a pathetic bunch of garbage.

  3. DNC emails will be a bigger scandal than the parties presumptive nominee being a felon? Doubt it but, people are stupid enough to ignore facts in law for juicy non-crimes.

  4. The biggest scandal will be Trump’s rape case and connection to Epstein. Hard to believe so many people defend a rapist pedophile friend of a rapist pedophile. #NeverTrump

    • Do you always get your talking points from the leftwing fringe of the Democratic party? Nobody rational buys your BS propaganda and there is no actual evidence for it (no, somebody making a claim with no evidence is still no evidence), although obviously truth is of no concern to immoral trash like you. I’d tell you hang out at HuffPost, but even most there aren’t pushing such hard-left garbage on behalf of Hillary Clinton (and a leftwing Supreme Court, open borders, the diminution of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, higher taxes, more regulations, a weak stance on ISIS, retaining Common Core and Obamacare, etc.) as you.

      • No evidence? Trump is friends with Epstein and has flown on the Lolita Express. I would think that in itself should trouble you but nah, not Trump defenders. They’ll defend everything and anything he’s ever done. Trump owns you now.

      • Undoubtedly. I wonder if Trump and his friend Bill discuss their shenanigans on the golf course when they play together?

  5. Creepy Cruz’s political career is dead. As a Republican I would not vote for him to be the town dog catcher.

      • You mean the speech where he gave his followers permission to vote for Hillary Clinton and her leftwing policies? That one? It will be either Hillary or Trump. Those are the only actual possibilities, and Cruz letting Republicans know they need not support Trump of the two was simply a de facto endorsement of Hillary.
        He’s taking a calculated chance that his helping get Hillary elected this time will leave the door open for him in four years, but most of the party would never support someone who showed himself to be on the side of the leftwing for his personal benefit and against the party. He’s committed political suicide, even if some are too willfully blind to see it.

        • Absolutely hilarious that Trumpbots interpret “get out & vote & vote your conscience” as voting for Killary. Explain your logic. Have you so little confidence in Drumpf that you automatically think that’s a vote for Killary.

  6. Criminal sociopaths are not that rare. What IS unusual and unbelievable are the millions of people who have no qualms about supporting then for the highest political office.

  7. Ted Cruz is a treasonous, opportunistic RINO sellout. Claiming to be a Christian solely to gain advantage in a political race is as evil as it gets. This man was never a Christian and he was most certainly never a conservative Republican. Rot in hell you disingenuous bastard.

  8. Why was Cruz sending his vice Presidential announcement to Eric Bennett?
    Why was Carly Fiorina sending messages about her acceptance of VP slot to Eric Bennett?
    Why was Cruz asking Eric Bennett for his vote in Indiana?
    Why did I get the same emails as Eric Bennett did?
    The answer is really quite simple, unless you’re naive.
    Both Eric Bennett and myself and thousands of others joined Ted Cruz’s campaign email list.
    Anybody could.
    The difference is I am not a DNC operative and didn’t forward the emails to the DNC.
    So did Ted Cruz really ask the DNC for donations?
    Or did he just ask the thousands of people on his mailing list for contributions?

  9. so.. why’d they cross off #1.. if it was an automatic e-mail that was sent to everyone.. why didn’t I get one? and why was the DNC on his mailing list?

  10. Everything that an astute observer of America has known for years. Now there is proof. There has to consequences or this sht will continue.

  11. Here is the email you were waiting for verification.
    Through the DNC Emails, Bernie was not the only one being targeted. Speaking of Lies, what do you think about the Wikileak Evidence of Ted Cruz & Ken Cuccinelli collaborating with Eric Bennett and the DNC? Read the entire email.
    The Moniker “Lyin’ Ted” fits. He’s BusTED. You might want to put your campaign photos of “Lyin’ Ted” in your Museum of Liars all of you Never Trumpsters. I don’t trust any of them, and I have lost trust in my state of Utah politicians, and it hurts to say it, because up until this happened, I had respect for the majority of politicians here in Utah.
    Here is the Wiki Link to the evidence of Ted & Ken fund raising with the DNC help. How desperate can you get? https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/9203 https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/9203

    • It’s patently obvious that the email was not sent to the DNC to anyone who knows how to read.
      Begin forwarded message:
      From: “ken.c@tedcruz.org” <ken.c@tedcruz.org>
      Date: April 25, 2016 at 8:22:11 PM EDT
      To: Eric Bennett <ericbennett12@gmail.com>
      Subject: FW: SERIOUS Death threats
      Reply-To: ken.c@tedcruz.org
      It was clearly sent to “ericbennett12@gmail.com” who was subscribed to tedcruz.org email list, who then forwarded it to the dnc.org list using his DNC email, “BennettE@dnc.org”.

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