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Guest post by Hardscrabble Farmer via The Burning Platform
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My kids talked me into watching a horrific movie recently called Geo-Storm. The premise is that the world, beset by Man-Made Global Climate Change builds a gigantic orbiting “net” above the Earth that has the ability to calm storms and make rain at the push of a button. This scientific savior of mankind also features (inexplicably) these giant laser beams that can fry entire cities or plunge the planet into a catastrophic “Geo-Storm” that wipes out all life.
Sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? I mean what could go wrong?
But wait, you’ll never guess what happens next.

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A bad hombre is trying to wipe out his enemies by using a technological advantage over them, thereby gaining control of the whole world, even if it means wiping it out.
Then on Sunday NPR did a replay of a piece I heard a few months back talking about HFT’s and the guy who was a broker in Chicago noticing the advantage HFT’s in NY had over them and how these computers could literally “see” into the future of each trade and make money off of them- he claimed it was just pennies per trade, but I thought if it can see in the future and know which way the trade is going, why limit it to a few pennies per trade? In for a penny, in for a pound.
Then I made a comment here when people were complaining about how bad the economy really was and how the wealthy all got wealthier and I asked why they hadn’t ridden the same markets up as the wealthy investors had. I don’t think I got any good answers, but I was told by more than a few people that only the wealthy were able to make money in the markets. Of course that’s bullshit but as Aesop once wrote, they didn’t really want those grapes anyway, too sour.
So lets see if we can get our collective heads around this.
A lot of what is taking place isn’t even being done by human beings, it’s HFT. Human beings suffer from something called the Peter Principle and they now apply it to technology- we employ things that are always one step above our level to control them and some asshole always thinks that he’s smarter than the technology right up until the moment that the technology gets out of control.
Clearly this was/is a counter to The Memo and the threat it represents to the Deep State and it’s players. If you think that they can’t set off something like this then you either haven’t been paying attention or you don’t believe in human beings. 666 was a warning shot as clear as day and Monday was the back-up. The problem is that it may spin out of their control and trigger a financial “Geo-Storm” whereby all the cues and intuitions and clues and scraps of memory of what a completely corrupt and criminal world we actually live in is triggered subliminally in the mass of sentient beings with a stake in the game. What they do and how they react to this suppressed knowledge is impossible to gauge until it happens. If it does, if this can’t be pulled back from the brink, if the HFT’s ever go into their disaster protocols whereby no human interaction can pull them back, if enough people who have been contained by their wealth or security lose it all and find themselves without any recourse they may lash out and if there is enough of it, then others may join in and if it starts to look like a red team/blue team event then all stops are removed and we go full blown meltdown and the 4th Turning goes live.
You all know that a storm has been brewing. You all know that the system has been rigged for a long time and that the people who pull the strings are the most pathological and criminally minded among us because they are the ones who faced no internal limits to their desire for power, their lust for wealth and the system itself was far too corrupt to keep them in check as long as they kept the skids greased.
You should have prepared. You should have insulated your houses against the cold, made arrangement with your family and your friends to look out for one another rather than to live cheek to jowl with strangers and even enemies because it was convenient and in the short term profitable. If you haven’t than this better serve as a wake-up call for you to quit dicking around and get ready.
Enjoy the show.

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