Rise to NEW Highs! (Cryptos and Stocks) then a huge Crash…

This man has a very interesting point… and prediction, based on logic… Rise to NEW HIGHS, over the next 6 weeks for both BitCoin, Cryptos and Equities (stocks)…
After that, end of March – CRASH…
Has to do with The Fed trimming heir toxic balance sheets (which is extensive) by first in Oct, Nov and Dec by 10 Billion per month. And in Jan and Feb, 20 billion per month. But starting at the end of March, they will be trimming at 30 billion per month!
Watch his take, which is just a take, not advice:

Bitcoin rose Wednesday, clambering back above $8,000 just one day after the No. 1 cryptocurrency briefly dipped under $6,000. 
Beware of the giant ‘bull trap’ lying in wait for stock investors right now
h/t 2012Portal