7 of the Most Serious Dams in the United States

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This was written Oct 2016 Look at number 1
1 Oroville Dam, Feather River, California
Now look at how China built their largest with gates

5 Dams That Did Fail
In California, the biggest dam disaster ever was the failure of the Saint Francis Dam, near Los Angeles on March 12, 1928. This is also considered by some to be the worst engineering disaster of the 20th century. More than 600 people died, making it the second greatest loss of life in state history after the 1906 earthquake.
Notice the best have many gates
The World’s 20 Most Amazing Dams (PHOTOS)
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    • Plenty of treasury wasted on wars to the point they will still be trying to fund the military as society falls apart and the physical fabric collapses. They will cut benefits programs to the bone before they cut the military.

    • $1,500 billion for just the F-35 lemon that doesn’t work. A lemon law refund should apply,
      and think what we could pay for with the $1,500 billion.

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