Beyonce Knowles: Victim of Racism or Loser of the Grammys?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Famous singers, Beyonce and Adele were nominated for the following categories at the Annual Grammy Awards: Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Album of the Year. Adele won all three categories. During her graceful acceptance speech, she gave tearful accolades to Beyonce, calling her “the artist of her life,” and stating that Beyonce’s album Lemonade was “monumental.” Beyonce cried during Adele’s speech and appeared to be very touched by her words of praise. In recent news, people have speculated about Beyonce’s Grammy Award loss being fueled by “racism,” Prominent figures have theorized that Lemonade was perhaps “too black.” The Left’s innate instinct to blame racism for the culprit of their dissatisfactions never ceases to amaze me.
Author Kevin Powell reported to CNN that Beyonce’s album ignited “discomfort,” because it was “unapologetically black,” and “brutally honest about love, self-love, trust, and betrayal.” Lemonade, featured exclusively on Tidal, attracted 1.2 million additional user sign ups to the streaming service. Beyonce has been widely recognized for the sales and content of Lemonade, thus any insinuation that the album engendered discomfort is obscene and untrue. Albums causing discomfort do not produce exceptional sales. The Left’s obsession with what they perceive as racism has blinded them to the fact that Beyonce is anything but a victim. She is one of the most famous and successful artists in America and has won 712 nominations coupled with 240 awards.
These ridiculous cries of racism signify point to a deep seated problem with the Left. Why must they label even the most successful people of color as victims of racism? As a black woman, I find it to be insulting. I am nobody’s victim and I am not oppressed. Democrats are the ultimate racists because in their minds, color determines your status in life. By their logic, white equates to “privilege,” whilst black equates to “oppression.” This way of thinking is sickening and divisive and it must end. This deep seated issue transcends any Grammy Award or musical artist. Race baiting, leftist tactics must come to an immediate halt.

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4 thoughts on “Beyonce Knowles: Victim of Racism or Loser of the Grammys?”

  1. I was just reading about what Adele said in her acceptance speech. I do not think racism had anything to do with it. Beyoncé has everything going for her as you said. She is beyond any female recording artist in popularity and considered a Goddess. Adele on the other hand is more down to earth and someone that appeals to a wider audience and age group….kinda old fashioned…not as sexy. My bet is the Grammy Group might be getting older and more sedated.

  2. It’s NOT racism for why she lost. I think it’s more the in your face naked prancing around and being an utter ass that lost her the grammy whereas Adele does not resort to the jungle or Babylon type costumes and acts like a lady. I guess it’s racism to act like a lady and not racist if you shove your naked tits and pregnant belly in everyone’s face…..and writhe around like you’re in heat waiting to get screwed.

  3. i think Beyonce is asking for her career to come to a screaching hault with her non stop push on promoting hatred & racism… She comes out onto a football field hailingthe black panthers as if they are something to be proud of . They are a very racist group of hatred for white people … Screw her & BLACK LIVES MATTER BULLSHIT That she promotes .. She is causing her own problems… ALL LIVES MATTER .. NOT JUST BLACK OR WHITE OR RED OR BROWN OR YELLOW ALLLLLLL LIVES MATTER SCREW HER…..super bowl is something no one will ever forget .. she is an asshole who promotes racism she can talk her crap all she wants bottom line she promotes & causes racism in this country & it will never change with assholes like her out there.


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