Strange Tweet From Hillary Clinton Loyalist Philippe Reines To General Flynn.

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by Pamela Williams
I found a very strange Tweet from Hillary Clinton loyalist Philippe Reines to General Flynn:
I find this reference to “COMET” to be very strange.  I do know that General Mike Flynn was not an admirer of Hillary Clinton’s.   You might recall that Flynn led the crowd at the Republican National Convention in chants of “Lock Her Up” last summer. “If I did a tenth of what she did, I would be in jail today,” he said, referring to Hillary Clinton. I am sure Hillary knows that General Flynn would love to see her in prison, and so would I.  However, the way things are going, I don’t know if any of the bad guys will be caught.
To be quite honest, I am very disappointed in the Trump Team for throwing General Flynn under the bus. At this point, things are not looking too good.
I did an earlier article in which Byron York a very well known writer and commentator said that all of General Flynn’s calls were recorded, and the transcripts show no proof that Flynn discussed sanctions.
I am very confused at this point as to what is true, but hopefully the truth will come to light soon. This is what Byron York tweeted:


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9 thoughts on “Strange Tweet From Hillary Clinton Loyalist Philippe Reines To General Flynn.

  1. He didn’t make any promises but the sanctions were simply mentioned. If he would have told Pence they were then all of this would have been fine. The snarky comment from Huma Abedin’s handler (Reins) is just more childishness and a reminder of what a good thing it is that Hillary and the other human garbage she surrounds herself with are nowhere near the White House.
    Trump could have stuck with him, Lewandowski-style, but with the stances he’s taken on national security issues and Hillary’s e-mail, after proof that Flynn at least embellished, why bother? Especially when there are qualified people such as Kellogg and Petraeus available to do the job without the baggage.

  2. Anyone that thinks that Clinton will be jailed is naive. They don’t lock up their own. Been that way since Sumer. Even if she would be, it will be pretend and she’d have servants. Push comes to shove they’ll fake her death a la Enron’s Kenneth Lay.

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