80% will not go to restaurants requiring proof of vaccination.

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The Big Apple was the first major city to require vaccination proof in order to enter bars, gyms, restaurants, and concerts. Broadway, which is set to reopen next month after over one and a half years of shutdown, will require both proof of vaccination, along with masks.

Resistance grows as mandates take effect

Still, questions remain over how city officials plan to enforce the mandate with black-market alternatives springing up online for those unwilling to get a proper vaccination. The more aggressive policies have sharpened the divisions between those willing to comply, and those who are pushing back for a variety of reasons.

In a new Yahoo Finance Twitter poll, over 31,000 users responded to the question, “Would you avoid going to a restaurant if proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for entry?”

80.3% of respondents answered “yes,” whereas 19.7% responded “no.”


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