80,000 dam disasters looking for a place to happen

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…Expert’s Advice to Local Residents

As for the best advice Wang would give to the tens of millions of Chinese surrounded by the 80,000 plus time bombs, he once wrote: prepare yourself one or more self-inflated rubber boats, enough bottled water and food, flashlights or lighters, life jacket, and learn from the Japanese to prepare yourself a grab and go bag with necessary miscellaneous items, calling devices. When faced with floods from a failed dam, do not shut doors and windows, but open the doors and windows to let the flood pass through.

Wang particularly emphasized that people in Fuling and Kaixian County of the Three Gorges Reservoir area should especially be reminded that a majority of residents live in areas below the normal water storage line of the Three Gorges Reservoir, which is over 570 feet above sea level. They rely on the embankment to block the reservoir water. These residents were supposed to be relocated. In order to reduce the number and expenses of the people displaced by the Three Gorges Reservoir, the regime allowed them to stay. Therefore, “if possible, move as fast as you can.”


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