9 Archegos Stocks Crash Analyzed + Archegos Margin Crash Explained (Total Return Swaps)

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9 Archegos Stocks That Crash Analyzed + Archegos Crash Explained! The recent Achegos crash created a technical price drop for many stocks: BIDU crashed 21%, VIAC stock, which was perhaps the cause for the margin call and Archegos crash and default, crashed 56%, Farfetch 31%, GSX 65%, VIPS 35% among others. We have looked at Baidu yesterday and here I look at the other stocks that have been hit.

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0:00​ Value in Crash
1:59​ Archegos Situation
6:17​ Tencent Stock
7:47​ Baidu Stock
8:08​ Vipshop Stock
10:43​ Farfetch Stock
11:53​ iQIYI Stock
14:04​ VIAC Stock
18:51​ Discovery Stock
19:42​ GSX Techedu Stock
21:19​ Investing

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